River vs. Racing, LIVE: the game started and the Academy does not want to miss its opportunity

Racing was left in shock after the penalty wasted by Galván. River takes advantage of it and Borja crosses a definition for 2-1. Disbelief in Avellaneda, in two minutes, Racing went from caressing the title to throwing everything overboard.

Herrera takes it from Sigali in a free kick and Echavarría takes the second penalty of the afternoon. Much protested by River. Rojas, who executed the first penalty, is no longer there. The admitted Galván is in charge; Armani throws himself on the right of him and clears it; The clearance is taken by Oroz, who defines above the crossbar. Racing fans can’t believe it. They take their heads, they curse.

González Pírez leaves, injured. Enter Paulo Diaz.

An incredible minute is lived in the Cilindro de Avellaneda. River tied with a definition from Borja in front of the goal, after a cross from Pochettino, but almost at the same time it was known that Vallejo made it 2-2 for Independiente against Boca. “Come on, let’s go, the Acade, to be champion, today you have to win!”the stands bellow. With the equality in the Bombonera, Racing can be champion if it wins.

Two changes in the Academy. Gago puts fresh legs, but also makes a tactical touch. With the income of Jonathan Galvan by Carbonero, he is left with a 5-3-2 scheme. Gabriel Hauche replaces Rojas, author of the penalty.

Change in River’s attack. Beltrán, who had two goal assists, is replaced by Matías Suárez.

With a contracture in the right hamstring, Iván Pillud is replaced by Facundo Mura. The lateral that leaves receives the recognition of the fans. The previous game reached 300 appearances at the Academy, with which he won three titles.

Replaced Enzo Pérez, and without the torn Zuculini, Gallardo placed Palavecino as central midfielder, with Pochettino a little further forward to form the double pivot.

Long qualification for Copetti, who escapes from Pinola. The defender pushes him from behind and he falls. Echavarría charges criminal. Rojas executes it with a precise left foot, at mid-height, on Armani’s right.

Rojas, Alcaraz and Copetti celebrate Racing’s goalMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

Lower the fizz in the Cylinder for the first time in the afternoon. The news of Villa’s goal arrives, which puts Boca 2-1 against Independiente. Racing can not beat River, but with the result of the Bombonera not even a victory is enough.

Racing had it. Bad control of González Pirez. Alcaraz enables Carbonero behind Herrera. The Colombian’s left-footed definition is barely deflected by Armani, hits a post and goes for a corner.

Between suspended and injured, River presented a short bench. Only six substitutes. For the second stage enter Jose Paradela -by Enzo Pérez, who suffered some pain during the first half- and Thomas Pochettinoby Solari.

The definition of the Chilean Mena will give on the outside of the network
The definition of the Chilean Mena will give on the outside of the networkFabian Marelli – THE NATION

The first 45 minutes ended, with a superior Racing until the 25th and more even in the following 20, when there were scoring situations in both goals. The tie is not enough for Racing because Boca equalized at La Bombonera with a goal from Guillermo Pol Fernández. The Academy is second, one point behind Boca. He has the second half to change history.

Carbonero is uncontrollable at times. He dribbles and also assists. He sees Alcaraz, who hooks inside the area to pass Pinola, but his left foot goes high.

The classic is done more back and forth, from area to area. Out of reflexes, Armani takes a header from Moreno and, on the other side, Arias saves a definition from Borja’s flat. The goal is hovering, it seems to fall.

Gallardo, on the Racing bench, in his last official match at River
Gallardo, on the Racing bench, in his last official match at River
Mauro Alfieri – THE NATION

River gets the depth that he had not had in all the preceding. Again with Beltrán as assistant, for Borja’s diagonal. Arias goes out to shrink and covers the definition of the Colombian.

The quiet afternoon ends for the Racing goalkeeper. River mounts an attack on the left, a sector where Racing concentrates many players and Beltrán finds the gap to cross the assistance to Herrera, who enters alone and defines before the goalkeeper exits. Arias clears the shot to the corner.

Three River players try to control Carbonero
Three River players try to control Carbonero
Mauro Alfieri – THE NATION

The Racing fans are lit up with pure euphoria because the news arrives that in the Bombonera there is Penalty for Independent.

This is how the Racing fans celebrated the goal of Independiente to Boca
This is how the Racing fans celebrated the goal of Independiente to Boca

Racing sets up a deep advance on the left, from Carbonero to Mena, who arrives inside the area and finishes off the outside of the net. Echavarría, by indication of the assistant, scores offside, but if it had been a goal, the VAR would surely have intervened to report that Pinola enabled.

In 25 minutes, only lukewarm approaches from River. Without so much control of the ball, he arrives little and has not even kicked on goal.

Copetti clears the way with a high-heeled pass to Rojas, who inside the area takes a cross shot that goes over the crossbar.

Carbonero, in addition to being the most unbalanced player in Racing, insists on Herrera’s side, who is reprimanded and against the elusive Colombian he is on the verge of another foul that could cost him expulsion. Gago asks that it be percussed on that side.

Beltrán enters the area and simulates a penalty against Pillud, who does not touch him. Echavarría is not fooled. The play continues and Enzo Pérez cuts Racing off with a strong foul. He receives the yellow card.

Carbonero continues as the main concern for River. The Colombian maneuvers between three and causes a foul at the top of the area. The free kick this time is taken by Alcaraz, with a right hand that goes over the crossbar.

Carbonero tries to escape Herrera's mark
Carbonero tries to escape Herrera’s markMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

Racing’s striker in the Professional League enters the area in search of an assist. He struggles with Pinola and falls, before Armani leaves. He asks for a penalty, Echavarría continues and the VAR does not intervene.

Racing has a free kick with Rojas’ left foot. The position can be to send center or look for the arc. The Paraguayan took a direct shot, which Armani cleared for a corner.

Racing assumes control and positions itself in the rival field. He already searched with Carbonero’s imbalance. Herrera, first booked in River.

The fans filled the Cylinder
The fans filled the CylinderFabián Marelli – THE NATION

Beyond lining up three forwards, River’s tactical layout is 4-4-2, with Solari and Barco open, a few meters ahead of Pérez and Palavecino, and with Beltrán and Borja in the double lead.

Yes ok Ivan Pillud He had come out due to a blow in the win against Lanús, his recovery made it possible for Fernando Gago to keep the same eleven that started the match. The Academy prevailed in seven of the last eight meetings (the rest tied it).

Preview of the match between Racing Club and River Plate.
Preview of the match between Racing Club and River Plate.Mauro Alfieri – THE NATION

Absent due to the expulsion the previous Sunday (he pushed the referee Fernando Echenique), the Colombian Juanfer Quintero spoke about that situation and his future, since his relationship with River ends in December: “First of all, I want to apologize for what happened the other day; I’m not one to have those reactions, but hey, it was a special day. The leaders already know it. I love River. It is my place in the world. In my head is to continue, the priority is River”.

Juanfer Quintero recalled his goal in the final River - Boca de Madrid
Juanfer Quintero recalled his goal in the final River – Boca de Madrid

In his last official formation, Marcelo Gallardo will bring together for the first time since the start the trident Pablo Solari, Miguel Borja and Lucas Beltrán. Milton Casco returns, after serving the suspension.

After this Sunday’s match, Gallardo will lead in two friendlies November before leaving office: on Wednesday the 9th, against Colo Colo in Chile, and on Sunday the 13th, against Betis in Mendoza. While the leaders do not speak publicly about the new technical director, speculation points to Martin Demichelis, today in charge of Bayern’s second team. And for aide-de-camp it sounds Xavier Gandolfi, ex-central defender emerged from River, and current coach of Talleres.

This Sunday marks one year since the official debut of Fernando Gago as technical director of Racing. It was on October 23, 2021, with a 2-1 loss to Central, in Rosario. Gago had replaced Claudio Úbeda, who left the team in 15th place.

The Academy is to this day the team that more points obtained during 2022 (80, two more than Boca).

Lanús vs Racing Fernando Gago, coach of Racing Club
Lanús vs Racing Fernando Gago, coach of Racing ClubHannibal Greco – The Nation
Preview of the match between Racing Club and River Plate.
Preview of the match between Racing Club and River Plate.Fabián Marelli – THE NATION

The partners of River who entered the Monumental beach gathered to give another farewell to Marcelo Gallardo, who looked out from a window of the concentration to return the affection.

Although it was not authorized by the security authorities of the City of Buenos Aires, River fans approached the Monumental to say goodbye to Marcelo Gallardo and the squad. The exit of the concentration was delayed by the concentration of supporters around the bus that transferred the players to Avellaneda

We invite you to live monitoring of the match between Racing-River, in Avellaneda, by the last date of the Professional League. We will be reflecting the development of the game, with complementary data and information, plus the most outstanding videos and photos.


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River vs. Racing, LIVE: the game started and the Academy does not want to miss its opportunity