Rodriguez Larreta vs. Cristina Ritondo, the fight that was missing within Together for Change

The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretadenied the statement made by the deputy Christian Ritondo Last Tuesday, when announcing the PRO’s candidacies for the 2023 elections, he indicated that at that meeting “there was no talk of candidacies” and he acknowledged that “there were internal tensions and that image is not good.”

“In the meeting we did not mention the issue of candidates. Ritondo spoke as his opinion, and we will have to ask him why he includes or does not include Mauricio Macri. There have been tensions in recent weeks and that is the image that is given and it is not good,” acknowledged the head of government.

Last Tuesday, at a meeting at his small table, the PRO established a mechanism to “avoid and control” the escalation of their internal fight in Together for Change for the applications for the 2023 elections and announced that, until now, his pre-candidates for President of the Nation are the head of the party, Patricia Bullrich; the head of the Buenos Aires Government and the national deputy Maria Eugenia Vidalhe said ritondo.

As explained by the deputy, the leaders of the national table of the PRO -Macri, Bullrich, Vidal and Rodríguez Larreta, plus Humberto Schiavoni and Diego Santilli- defined a “mechanism among the pre-candidates so that there is coordination so that these internal things are always discussed beforehand.”

On these words, Larreta assured that “it was not established to throw that title and the subject was not even discussed.”

On the other hand, he expressed that “he never gets into discussions and internal fights” and although “there have been tensions, it is not all against all.”

About the internal stresses that have been registered within the opposition coalition, Rodriguez Larreta he warned that “it takes two” and that “you don’t need to lower the foam because you never raised it.”

“Obviously what happened last week is not good, you have to try to avoid those situations, but I collaborate by not getting hooked,” he said.

Along these lines, the mayor of Buenos Aires maintained that “there are many leaders who have never gotten into fights” and that they have no doubts that “they will continue to work together on substantive issues.”

“The reality is that there is no risk in the unit of Together for Changeand thanks to that unity we stopped things from the government that would harm Argentina, such as changing the STEP“, he claimed.

Looking ahead to next year’s elections, he stated that “there is still a long way to go for the candidacies” and considered that “they will all work together around a plan, beyond names.”

Also, the goverment’s head opposed the removal of Primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory (PASO): “You can’t change the rule for the election a few months before. That’s wrong, it’s cheating. It’s changing the rules of soccer days before the World Cup,” he assured.

Regarding his management in the City, and the criticism after the approval of the 2023 Budget project, Larreta affirmed that “whatever we do, the opposition is going to criticize” and remarked that “everyone sees and recognizes the transformation of the Buenos aires city“.

Finally, during his radio interview Larreta criticized the management of the National government and assured that “if the government fights, it is a bad sign for Argentina”.

“The great challenge in Argentina is to draw up policies and plans that, whoever is there and whoever comes, is sustained over time,” he concluded.

Rodriguez Larreta vs. Cristina Ritondo, the fight that was missing within Together for Change