Rome ko, Mourinho takes it badly: “Half a shot and they won, we miss Dybala”

from Gianluca Piacentini

Mourinho does not like the way in which Roma lost the match against Lazio: «They were very short and compact, we weren’t lucid in the last few meters. Without Dybala, however, we lack a bit of light “

Lazio scored half a goal and won the match. We have lost undeservedly, but we lack the light it can give us Dybala“. This is the synthesis of Mourinho on the defeat of Roma in the derby. The Giallorossi lost 1-0 and suffered a counter overtake by Lazio. «We didn’t have – continues the Portuguese – clarity in the last meters, we put too much emotion and little awareness of the goal».

Lazio took advantage of the Ibanez gift and organized a containment match. «The game they played is the consequence of the result, they remained compact. In our culture it is a cynical and intelligent game, in England after twenty minutes people go home. It is not easy to face a very low team, which played well on the match time ». At the beginning of the recovery Roma has Pellegrini also lost due to a problem with his right thigh flexor. «It’s normal, there are some players who play all the time and if they don’t play the team goes into difficulty. I can choose to risk or not, but if I don’t, there is no quality. Pellegrini was forced to play in the Europa League because we had to win by force, then it was inevitable that he would get hurt. They are men, it happens all over Europe. All week there was talk of Milinkovic-Savic and Immobile and there was no talk of Dybala: I think Paulo is more important for us ».

The absence of the Argentine is a point on which Mou insists. «We lacked the light that special players bring us, looking for space, the assist. Volpato didn’t hurt at all but without Paulo and Lorenzo it’s difficult to score if you don’t have clarity. In the final part of the match it was our domination, Lazio wanted to defend the leading goal, and did it well. Dybala wants to go to the World Cup, it’s a logical thing, and it’s hard to say no. If there is a good evolution of his injury, we hope he can be available on Sunday against Torino, it would be very convenient for us ».

He rejects the sender, the Special One, the criticisms of the defeats in direct clashes and the crisis of the attackers. «We lost undeservedly against Atalanta, for Napoli it was the most complicated match of the season, Lazio scored half a goal and won. If you tell me that there is a lack of quality or the player who puts it in, it’s fine, but the identity and mentality of the team cannot be questioned. Not only were the strikers’ goals missing but also team play, individual duels. Whose fault is it? My”. Two games still before the break, Mourinho is not expecting reinforcements in January. “We have to recover people, I don’t know if we will have Wijnaldum when we start again but I don’t think the company will intervene heavily on the market. We have to make the most of what we have, Volpato has reached the fourth consecutive race and if we have to go on with them, that’s okay ».

November 6, 2022 (change November 6, 2022 | 23:01)

Rome ko, Mourinho takes it badly: “Half a shot and they won, we miss Dybala”