RUGBY. France

A week after their narrow victory against Australia (30-29), the French rub shoulders with South Africans. Faced with the world champions, they will have to support the physical challenge and try to bring the match to its home turf. Follow the meeting between France and South Africa live with us.

21:35 – Atonio rang and replaced

After Danty, it’s Atonio’s turn to go out for a concussion protocol. He is replaced by Falatea. At the same time, the South Africans change outgoing hooker Mbonambi for Marx.

21:33 – Danty will not return

Hit in the face on a violent tackle from Du Toit, Jonathan Danty will not take his place. If he responded favorably to the concussion protocol, the French center would suffer, according to information from France 2, from a fracture of the orbital floor.

21:31 – Kolbe unblocks the account of South Africa (13-3)

Glued to the touchline 45 meters on the left, Kolbe rolls up his attempt from the right and manages a superb penalty which allows his team to score their first points of the evening (13-3).

21:28 – Jelonch at fault

Jelonch is sanctioned by entering the side of the South African grouping off the sidelines. Penalty to follow for world champions.

21:27 – Ramos converts the try (13-0)

Facing the posts, about twenty meters away, Thomas Ramos continues his faultless success by successfully converting (13-0).

21:26 – Baille signs the first try of the Blues (11-0)!

Perfect start for France. After 21 minutes, Baille dives into the South African in-goal and scores the first try of the match for the Blues. The pillar comes to conclude a major movement with Penaud and Macalou on the left wing. Then, the forwards broke through the opposing defensive line until the Toulousain took advantage of the space freed up by Kolisi to infiltrate, deceive Mbonambi and score at the foot of the left post (11-0).

21:24 – Ollivon, head blocker

On Mbonambi’s throw, Ollivon is ahead of Smith at the bottom of the line-up and steals the ball from the South Africans. The former captain of the Blues reigns in the air.

21:23 – Ramos adds 3 (6-0)

Slightly shifted to the left, in a position close to his first kick, Thomas Ramos renews the experience and succeeds in his penalty from 40 meters. The Blues come off nicely (6-0).

21:20 – Ramos misses himself

After a new misplaced throw by the South Africans, the Blues reverse the pressure and do great damage with their aggressiveness. On the left wing, Ramos sees a shift and wants to play low to the ground. It is badly touched and the referee returns to a previous fault. Penalty to follow for the Blues.

21:18 – Macalou at the foot

Macalou took his place on the wing, Moefana sliding down the middle. The newcomer is immediately solicited and plays on foot. He is very close to making it 50-22 but in the end, he was not well positioned. The key will be South African on their 22 meters.

21:17 – Danty is out for a concussion

Stunned after Du Toit’s violent charge, Danty leaves the lawn holding his face and goes to observe a concussion protocol. He is replaced by Macalou.

21:14 – Red card against South Africa!

After reviewing the footage, it appears that Du Toit tackled Jonathan Danty directly to the head. It’s a direct red card for the South African third line after 12 minutes of play.

21:13 – Nche sanctioned

Nche gets stuck on the ground and does not release the ball. The pillar is sanctioned with a penalty. Mr. Barnes is called by the video for a contentious action seconds earlier on Danty in the regroup.

21:12 – The blue counter

On Mbonambi’s throw, the French jumper counters the ball and knocks it into the French camp. The French emerges at the foot but does not find the key. The danger will return.

21:10 – The blue occupation

Behind a stable first scrum, Dupont emerges on Ntamack who is waiting at the edge of 22 meters. The opener taps away to occupy the field. Arendse catches and raises by hand. He is taken by Jelonch but the latter does not get out of the tackler-tackle zone. Penalty for the South Africans who will play in touch in the blue camp.

21:08 – Sheepish closes the door

Willemse opens the game with the foot in the diagonal on the left. He finds de Allende who tries to pass but is caught by Penaud. The center passes before going into touch but it is forward.

21:07 – Ntamack overflows .. in touch

On a recovery, Ntamack sees space on the left wing and rushes into it. The French opener goes up the field to 22 meters where the return of a South African causes him to bite into touch.

21:06 – The French defense does the job

On the dismissal of Willemse, Alldritt commits the forward. The advantage is played and Ntamack clings to his opponent to cause the loss of the ball. Behind, Dupont releases in touch.

21:04 – Ramos opens the scoring for the Blues (3-0)

Facing the posts at nearly 40 meters, Thomas Ramos extends his kick just enough and gives the advantage to the French (3-0).

21:02 – Penalty for France!

After less than two minutes of play, de Klerk too quickly anticipates Dupont’s ball exit and commits a voluntary forward by hooking the Frenchman’s arm. Penalty in the axis of the posts.

21:01 – Kick off in Marseille!

Romain Ntamack kicks off for the France team against South Africa. A long reference captured in the 22 meters by Smith.

20:57 – Both teams on the pitch

The two teams entered the pitch and lined up in front of the official stand before the anthems sounded, starting with the anthem of South Africa, followed by that of the France team.

20:57 – Nienaber between admiration and vigilance

“With their three-quarters, France can launch an offensive from nothing. They can test us anywhere on the pitch. In front, the players are strong with big carriers. The scrum is solid, their touch is excellent and they can also make mauls after this phase. As for their defense, it is very well organized (…) It is an incredible challenge for our team (…) We know that we are ready”praises Jacques Nienaber, admiring the evolution of the Blues and the challenge that lies ahead for his team one year from the World Cup.

20:55 – Galthié: “We are ready to take up the challenge”

“They are a team that seeks to advance no matter what, with or without the ball. They have a ‘rush defense’ which throws itself at the opponent from the 1st to the 80th minute. part thanks to this permanent harassment that they were world champions. They are magnificent rugby players, magnificent fighters, but we are ready for the challenge “analyzed the coach of the France team Fabien Galthié, excited at the idea of ​​rubbing shoulders with the South African world champions.

20:50 – South Africa does not fall twice

South Africa have not lost to European teams twice in a row since 2017-18 when they lost in the last test of the autumn tour (22-24) and the first of the summer tour. next summer (20-22), each time against Wales. We have to go back to 2016 to see the Springboks fall twice in a row during the same autumn tour (three defeats in England, Italy and Wales, editor’s note).


RUGBY. France – South Africa: the conquering Blues, follow the match live