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After three seasons in Nièvre, Romaric Camou joined RC Vannes this summer, closer to his La Rochelle ties. Totally involved in the Breton game project, the winger, or back, has played eight of the first nine days of Pro D2 and has already scored two tries, against Biarritz and Massy. “I started three matches in 15 and I also switched to this position for two other matches. I’m happy to find playing time at the back, everything is going well for me, I’m very fulfilled. »

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After a complicated season, the RCV regained serenity and did not miss its start to the championship. “I arrived with thirteen other new players and this renewal of the workforce has been good for everyone, I think. We know that the season was tough in 2021-2022, we use it but we have moved on. At home, we are really clean, but we lack points away from home, even though we won at Colomiers. We remain on two defeats without bonus on the outside. We need to get this corrected. »

When the calendar came out, that’s the first date I looked at. I want to play this match because I still have a lot of friends in Nevers.

It is therefore at the Pré-Fleuri that the Vannetais will try to revive after a setback in Agen (17-3). “There were a lot of questions around the USON at the start of the season but I think they have cleared them up. They should have won at Colomiers and they are only beaten by one point at Grenoble. And I know what awaits us on Friday. »
Still in contact with his former partners, the former Rochelais is happy to find a lawn he has walked on 48 times.

“When the calendar came out, that was the first date I looked at. I want to play this match because I still have a lot of friends in Nevers. I don’t know if I will play him, or even in what position, but I would really like to be in it. The best would be to be in front of Lucas (White), even if it makes a great start to the season. »

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In Brittany, Romaric Camou found a club that has similarities with USON. “These are two clubs that come from amateur rugby and have big ambitions, with a desire to structure themselves. We are going to take possession of our new training center, there is a new stand. These are projects that also exist in Nevers. These are things that create momentum that we want to follow. »

Several players in selection

For the November international window, RC Vannes will be without three players: Tongan right prop Phil Kité and Uruguayan centers Nicolas Freitas and Andres Vilaseca.

On the USON side, Lasha Jaiani and Vlad Chachanidze, who play in the second row, have joined the Georgian selection, which will face Uruguay on Saturday November 5 and Samoa the following Saturday.

Guillaume Clerc

Follow, live on, the meeting of USON Nevers against Vannes, Friday November 4, from 7 p.m. (kick-off at 7:30 p.m.).

Rugby / Pro D2 – Romaric Camou, winger of RC Vannes: “The USON has raised the questions”