San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks Prediction: Will the Seahawks build on their last win?

San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks Prediction, Bets and Odds | September 18, 2022

On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, both NFC West teams, will play at Levi’s Stadium. The Seahawks hope to win their fifth straight game against the 49ers. San Francisco’s last win in the series was on December 29, 2019 at Seattle.

Last week against the Chicago Bears, the 49ers lost 19-10 on the road. When Lance first took over as the starting quarterback, everyone knew some growing pains would be involved. Fans and the team were shocked by the offense’s inability to close out series, especially against a weaker opponent like the Chicago Bears. This offense, with the players it has, needs to score more than 10 points, even if the weather doesn’t help. It might help to give Lance some short passes to Deebo Samuel in the open field to get the offense going. If George Kittle is well enough to play, attacking Seahawks defenses will be a great way to help Lance get the offense going. The offensive line can’t afford a bad game and let the Seahawks’ quick passes get to Lance.

The visitors will come to this game after a victory against the Denvers. Seattle’s defense took Wilson’s best shot when he threw for 342 yards, but he didn’t give up. They allowed Denver to gain about 7.5 yards per attempt in the first half. In the second half, they did a good job of keeping Denver from running the ball to less than four yards per attempt. Fixing missed tackles, making good use of his speed, and not overplaying plays. This week, the key to winning is to keep forcing turnovers, keep Lance in the pocket by passing him, and use the 49ers’ offensive injuries to your advantage. If they can do that, coach Kyle Shanahan will have to stop being so cautious and take more risks than he wants this week. This week, when they travel to Levi’s Stadium, which is usually a hostile place, the Seahawks don’t have much room for error.

With only three days to prepare, the Seahawks will have a tough time on Sunday against a San Francisco 49ers team that should bring more focus and intensity to the field. Each of the last seven meetings between these two clubs has been decided by a single goal. The Seahawks offense will accomplish enough to get past the Cardinals and get off to a 2-0 start. Also, the Seahawks are 17-4 in their last 21 meetings with the 49ers. When they lost 33-17 on September 11, 2011, it was the last time they were humiliated in San Francisco. So it will probably be a close game for both teams, no matter who starts at quarterback. However, San Francisco may have a hard time winning this week without Kittle on the field, especially with Lance still developing at quarterback.

San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks Prediction: Will the Seahawks build on their last win?