Sandrine and Flibuste against animal abuse

Feathered, hairy or scaled, none of their attributes allows them to survive. Whose ? To what? to exploitation by man. Yes, whether they are circus beasts, zoo or lab hosts, sports competitors, movie stars or social media stars, wild or domesticated, sometimes even adopted, too often, animals are mistreated. Fights, bullfights or grindadrap puts them in a mess, as does the production of food, gourmet or not. And what about this fauna sometimes used for tourist purposes, sometimes driven out of its natural habitat or even bred for its skin?

Sandrine Deloffre makes the bitter observation through twenty-one mini-reports initially published on the Instagram page of Morning !Dargaud’s digital magazine, and now compiled in the album Sandrine & Flibuste against animal abuse. As with previous releases (Myths and chicks, Plastic Tac Tic Tac, Ecological procrastination), the intention is clear: alert on a current societal issue and address different aspects. The subject is committed and invites readers to awaken their conscience by pricking where it hurts. However, the tone is not intended to be moralizing. He poses facts, evokes realities that are undoubtedly cruel for those who suffer them, recalls figures, correlates some of them and underlines many paradoxes.

Of course, the hunt for “pests”, supposed to destroy the fields, could seem a lesser evil compared to the crushing of chicks, or the victims of hunting with hounds much more to be pitied than a Grumpy cat or other influential creature, not to mention this bat or this pangolin that have become the symbols of a certain pandemic… Yet! All it takes is a few plates for the author to show the compromises with ethics, the hitches to probity and the links between each situation. She does it with humor, thanks to her dog Flibuste and her interviewees – among others, Michel the bear, Cyrielle the mare, Betty the egg-layer, Marc Mc Shark the shark, Bibi the mink, Raymond the python, Daisy the milkmaid… – too aware of human failings not to take a skeptical look at humanity’s ability to improve its practices or to abandon others that have become obsolete (the label “intangible heritage” sometimes has a good back.. .).

The rapid stroke of the pencil and the colorization in solid areas are as direct as they are effective. No visual frills, but speaking images and well-felt replies. Then, accompanying each skit, a page of text deepens the theme treated.

Are you activists or supporters of the animal cause? Sandrine & Filibuster will reinforce your point of view and help you educate those around you who are more refractory. Are you laughing while watching these too cute beasties on Youtube or are you planning to film your furball and broadcast it on Tik Tok? Here is a comic that will give you concrete warning of what is behind this not so innocent pleasure.

A comic book essay to read and share, for sure.

By Mr. Natali

Sandrine and Flibuste against animal abuse