Santa Fe vs. Cali LIVE (1

15:43 a few seconds ago

⏱Min 78

The game continues with a lot of friction, now it was Moreno who complains about a blow to the face and the referee waits if the VAR is going to call him.

15:41 2 minutes ago

⏱Min 76

The game heats up a bit, there is friction between the players and a lot of physical play.

15:39 5 minutes ago

⏱Min 74

Cali is very close to the tie, who stole the ball from Santa Fe and makes it look a little bad.

15:38 5 minutes ago

⏱Min 72

15:37 6 minutes ago

⏱Min 70

Santa Fe gives circulation to the ball and tries to defend himself with it.

15:35 8 minutes ago

⏱Min 68

The intensity that Cali had a few minutes ago begins to decrease, Santa Fe looks very solid behind.

15:32 11 minutes ago

⏱Min 66

Second against poorly prepared Santa Fe, now it was Estupiñan who did not give Mier the pass well and they missed the opportunity to increase the score.

15:30 13 minutes ago

⏱min 64

It was a good one against Santa Fe, Enamorado had it, but when he had to give the filtered pass, he opted for a follower driving and ended up losing the ball.

15:27 16 minutes ago

⏱Min 62

Santa Fe tries to get out quickly after recovering, but it is very difficult for him to pass the middle of the field.

15:25 18 minutes ago

⏱Min 60

Teo’s shot from medium distance and the ball went just over Silva’s goal.

15:23 20 minutes ago

⏱Min 58

Santa Fe falls back a lot and Cali takes advantage of that to put more men on offense, but leaves spaces behind, which the team can take advantage of cardinal.

15:21 22 minutes ago

⏱Min 56

The game was very slow, with little offensive play.

15:19 24 minutes ago

⏱Min 54

Take a breath Santa Fe, who has a set piece in the opposite field.

15:18 25 minutes ago

⏱Min 52

Cali reaches the last quarter, but it is difficult for him to create danger.

15:16 27 minutes ago

⏱Min 50

Cali tries to dominate the ball, Santa Fe waits and looks solid in the background.

15:14 29 minutes ago

⏱Min 48

Now it is Cali who is looking for the match and Santa Fe waits a bit.

15:14 29 minutes ago

⏱Min 46

15:10 33 minutes ago

The second half begins

The ball is moved and the last 45 minutes of the game are played.

14:54 an hour ago

The first half ends

The first part of this game is over and so far the local team wins, who was the one who did the most for the game and dominated the few dangerous actions that there were.

14:52 an hour ago

⏱Min 45+2

The match opens, the teams split up and the ball spends little time in the middle of the field, as the match turns back and forth.

14:50 an hour ago

⏱Min 45

5 more minutes will be played.

14:50 an hour ago


Center from the right of love to the far post, Rivas finished off with a header but the goalkeeper saved, although Estupiñan entered the rebound in front of the goal and with his right leg, he changed the rebound for a goal and the local went up.

14:49 an hour ago

⏱Min 45

14:46 an hour ago

⏱Min 42

After the penalty was saved, Acevedo seemed to be resentful and the team’s doctors had to come in to assist him.

14:44 an hour ago

⏱Min 40

Neyder Moreno finished off with his right leg to the left post and Acevedo saved very well in two times.

14:43 an hour ago

🟡 Yellow card

Burdisso reprimanded in Cali, for the criminal offense he committed.

14:42 an hour ago

⏱Min 38

Estupiñan falls to the ground in the Cali area, after a sweep by Burdisso and the referee awarded a penalty without hesitation.

14:40 an hour ago

⏱Min 36

Santa Fe squeezes and through Enamorado and Moreno’s band, they try to reach Acevedo’s arch.

14:38 an hour ago

⏱Min 34

There are small sparks in the game, which bring the teams closer to the areas, but none with real or significant danger.

14:37 an hour ago

⏱Min 32

Center from the left at the head of the area, Lucumí won through the air and the goalkeeper Silva saved and kept the ball in his hands.

14:35 an hour ago

⏱Min 30

14:33 an hour ago

⏱Min 28

Mafla overflowed down the left wing, won his duel, sent the ball to the middle, but no teammate came to change the trajectory of the ball and Santa Fe was saved.

14:30 an hour ago

⏱Min 26

Poor deliveries persist on both teams.

14:29 an hour ago

⏱Min 24

At times they go a little higher than Santa Fe, but when they reach the last quarter, they see a team with few ideas and with wrong deliveries.

14:26 an hour ago

⏱Min 22

The game is a bit slow, without offensive creativity on the part of both teams and so far, zero scoring actions with real danger.

14:25 an hour ago

⏱Min 20

Now it is Santa Fe who falls back a bit and tries to play directly after recovery.

14:23 an hour ago

⏱Min 18

Play between Wilson Morelos and Caldera who were alone in front of the Cali area, the two were Pulling by the shirt, but when Morelo had won the duel, the center-back whistled for a foul in favor of Cali and avoided the dangerous play of the local.

14:20 an hour ago

⏱Min 16

Now it is played closer to the Santa Fe area, which sees a Deportivo Cali standing well behind and with its compact block.

14:18 an hour ago

⏱Min 14

The game was very slow in the last minutes, due to the continuity of fouls in the midfield.

14:17 an hour ago

🟡 Yellow card

Lucumí admonished at Deportivo Cali, due to a foul in the midfield.

14:17 an hour ago

⏱Min 12

The ball is spending a lot of time in the middle of the field, there is no clear dominator and the field makes it difficult for the ball to circulate.

14:15 an hour ago

⏱Min 10

Little by little, Deportivo Cali is encouraged, who plays withdrawn and after recovering, plays a vertical and fast game on the wings.

14:12 2 hours ago

⏱Min 8

Congo’s mid-distance shot and goalkeeper Silva knew how to respond, to send the ball to the corner kick.

14:12 2 hours ago

⏱Min 8

Apparently he was reviewing a play in the Cali area in favor of Santa Fe, but the VAR did not see it as a possible penalty and then the game continued.

14:10 2 hours ago

⏱Min 6

Neyder Moreno’s shot inside the area, after a pass from a lover, but goalkeeper Acevedo saved and sent the corner kick.

14:09 2 hours ago

⏱Min 4

Everything is played on the Cali field, but far from the area that Acevedo defends.

14:05 2 hours ago

⏱ Min 2

The game begins, with a very offensive Santa Fe, who immediately looks for the opposite goal, although the conditions of the field are not the best.

14:04 2 hours ago

The match started!

The ball rolls in the Campín and the match begins in the city of Bogotá. This exciting match between Santa Fe vs Cali corresponding to date 19 of the BetPlay League 2022-II is already live.

13:552 hours ago

it’s time to play

The captains’ draw has already been made, everything is ready and only the referee’s order is missing, to begin today’s afternoon commitment.

13:53 2 hours ago

Teams on the field and acts of protocol

13:52 2 hours ago

mixed zone

Teams in a mixed zone, the footballers greet each other, they are friends and teammates, the only thing missing is the order of the central referee, so that they jump onto the field of play and start the match.

13:43 2 hours ago

All ready

13:36 2 hours ago

Locker room

The players will go to the locker room, change and go out to the mixed zone where the referees will give the signal, so that they jump onto the field of play.

13:36 2 hours ago


The warm-up continues, both teams play ‘little games’ with the ball and begin to finish the warm-up.

13:36 2 hours ago

Warm up

13:35 2 hours ago

This is how Cali shows its headlines

13:34 2 hours ago

This is how Santa Fe shows its headlines

13:34 2 hours ago

ready the headlines

13:32 2 hours ago

Teams arrive at Campín

Both teams have already left their respective hotels, where they had their concentration prior to today’s match and are about to arrive at the most important stadium in Bogotá.

13:31 2 hours ago

prior to the visit

13:30 2 hours ago

Preview of the premises

13:29 2 hours ago


The teams are already intensely living this game valid for date 19 of the BetPlay League 2022-II. The teams use social networks to experience a preview with their fans and have a good relationship with their fans.

13:29 2 hours ago

Summoned from Cali

13:28 2 hours ago

Summoned from Santa Fe

13:26 2 hours ago

welcome back

We are ready to bring you the actions of this match between Santa Fe vs. Cali.

19:16 20 hours ago

Don’t leave here to follow Santa Fe vs Cal live

In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups for the Santa Fe vs. Cali match live, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from the El Campín Stadium. Do not miss any details of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

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How to watch the Santa Fe vs Cali match live?

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19:06 21 hours ago

What time is Santa Fe vs Cali?

19:01 21 hours ago

Cali Featured Player

18:56 21 hours ago

Santa Fe Featured Player

The highlight of the local team is striker Wilson Morelo. The player is an important piece of the offensive zone of the picture cardinal, He has already scored 8 goals and provided one assist, his average rating is 7.0 per game.

18:51 21 hours ago

possible alignments

18:46 21 hours ago

Arbitration group

18:41 21 hours ago


18:36 21 hours ago

Cali for the honor

18:31 21 hours ago

Santa Fe to maintain the illusion

18:26 21 hours ago

The match will be played at the Campín

18:21 21 hours ago

start transmission

Santa Fe vs. Cali LIVE (1-0) | 10/22/2022