Scores vs Union

Independiente beat Unión de Santa Fe 1-0 at the stadium on April 15 for the 20th date of the Professional League championship and in From Cradle to Hell we bring you the scores of the players of the “Red”.

Milton Alvarez (6): Good game from Milton. He looked confident at each advance of the “Tatengue”. He had good saves and picked up several centers. In the second half, with the team already winning, he was essential to maintain the favorable result on the scoreboard.

Alex Vigo (5): He didn’t have a good game. He could not contribute anything in attack and suffered some attacks from the rival team in defense. He has some distractions that cannot happen again, especially when the team is winning and he has to take care of the result in favor, he was in a bad position on some occasions.

Sergio Barreto (5): Another one who did not have a good game. In the first dangerous play of the match, he lost Jonatan Alvez’s mark, which he defined only inside the area and burst the crossbar. Then, also in the first half, he was unable to clear a cross from the left with his head and again Alvez had a clear chance to open the scoring. In the second half he was seen a little firmer.

Juan Insaurralde (6): Correct game of the left-handed central. As he has done several games, he has been having a good performance. They could never beat him from above and neither from below. He controlled Alvez well by staying close on every play. He must continue like this.

Edgar Elizabeth (5): He is seen firm in the brand and in defense in general, not only today but several games ago. He hardly ever goes on the attack and with the ball at his feet it’s a bit difficult for him, he missed some passes that seemed easy and on other occasions he got the ball out of the way so as not to get complicated. He is a central defender who is occupying the left back and is delivering.

Lucas Romero (7): Very good game of “Dog”. He scored a great goal when he just started the second half with a formidable right foot. He has been having good performances and has been important in the functioning of the team. He looks more comfortable and looser with the presence of Iván Marcone next to him, in this way he can loosen up more in the midfield, step into the area and score goals like the one he did today. He must continue at this level.

Ivan Marcone (7): Another very good game. He recovered a lot of balls in the midfield, he did very well in the relays, he sacrificed himself for the team and he made good decisions when handling the ball. He has been seen for several games with a different rhythm and in a different physical form compared to when he arrived and debuted against Estudiantes. He complements Romero well in midfield. If he continues at this level he is a very important player who can contribute a lot to Independiente.

Damian Batallini (6): As almost always, he had a lot of wear and tear to make the back and forth down the right wing. He helped in defense by following the mark of the rival left back with a lot of sacrifice and never stopped running. In attack he must make better decisions and be more involved in the game. He had a clear chance in the first half but could not finish and another in the complement for pressing the rival’s exit but the goalkeeper drowned out his cry. He was key to take care of the ball in the last minutes and keep the advantage in favor of the result.

Leandro Fernandez (6): It was not the Leandro of the previous games. Even so, he made some good moves down the left side, in the first he sent a good cross that the rival goalkeeper managed to deflect and finally Batallini could not convert into a goal. He suffered a hamstring strain and was injured in the second half.

Tomas Pozzo (5): It was not a good game “Toto”. In the first half he could not gravitate and could not become an axis in the attacks of the “Red”, in the second it had started well but little by little it was diluted. He should raise his level a little bit and add confidence because he can bring a lot to the team if he finds the best form of him.

Leandro Benegas (6): good game of “Tank”. In the first half, he had no chance to open the scoring and could not bring danger to the rival goal. However, in the second he was important holding the ball on his back and giving the pass to Romero for the only goal of the game. Another one that was also important and had sacrifice to mark the exit of the rival by pressing the defenders.


Nicholas Vallejo (6): He entered instead of Fernández and did it in a good way. He was placed in the left sector and had some good appearances. On the first occasion he hooked and defined with his right hand but the shot was soft to the goalkeeper’s hands and the play called for a pass to the right sector. It was important to win some fouls and take care of the ball to keep the result.

Santiago Ayala (6): He came on to replace Pozzo and did well, entered with air and pressed the opponent out, demanding the defenders. Little by little, he has been adding minutes and it is important to gain confidence.

Joaquin Laso (-): He came in to defend the last play of the game.

Scores vs Union