scores vs. Velez

Independiente drew 1-1 against Vélez in Avellaneda in a very changeable game where he played a correct role in the first half and in the second he only decided to protect himself but they ended up leveling it. In From the Cradle to Hell we bring you the scores.


Sebastian Sosa (2): Little work in the first half. The doubts when it comes to leaving and the indecision to get out from below. Clearly responsible for Vélez’s goal.

Alex Vigo (4): Imprecision continues to be his big problem, he solves it quickly and usually does it wrong. Very collaborative in attack, he had good encounters with Leandro Fernández and Batallini on the wing.

Barrett (5): Little work for the center back, the times that Vélez came out of counter he went back well. Both him and his teammate behind can be claimed for marks on set pieces.

Insaurralde (5) : The same case as Barreto, the speed of Vélez’s forwards suffered a bit in the first half. Later he was gaining in security and good judgment to go out with the ball.

Edgar Elizalde (5.5): The best of the defense, without dazzling fulfilled with regard to the defensive. Judicious when it came to leaving and knew how to cut the play when necessary.

L. Romero (4.5): It cost him the recovery, he was a help wheel for the centrals and tried to order the midfield, with intermittence. Precision is again a weak point in his performance and lack of resolution with the ball on foot in dangerous plays in favor.

Dreamy (5.5): Author of the goal in the first half, every time he enters the passing circuit, Independiente’s game grows. In every good string of passes and good partnerships he was there. He entered well in the middle and effectively defined for the goal. In the must, the regularity during the minutes that he plays.

Lucas Gonzalez (6.5): Good first half, good in the relays when the team lost the ball in attack. He collaborated in the recovery and on several occasions was the driver of the departures of Independiente.

Battlelini (6): A tireless runner, he was a nuisance for both sides of Vélez, since he played for a while on each side. Well in the overflow that ended in Soñora’s goal. At one point he collided with Hoyos and despite the annoyance he did not diminish his delivery, but then that same blow forced him out.

Fernandez (5.5): The flashes he has are very important to create danger, several plays where with skill and speed he created situations. In some others he decided very badly, but his contribution in the attack ended up being positive. In the second half he was tired.

Benegas (4): Weak game of the striker who at times seemed to be disconnected. In several passes he did not arrive or could not control. Good in pressure and delivery.


Well (4): He entered at 12′ of the complement with little participation because basically Independiente did not attack, he tried some connections with Soñora and Vigo.

Rodrigo Marquez (4): At 29 ‘he entered, with doubts and uncertainty in each ball he touched.

Ferreyra (4): He entered at 29 ‘with desire, he did not have plays where he was comfortable or could connect with someone. Practically the only man I know stopped in the Vélez field in the second half.

scores vs. Velez