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The trend has been going on for a few months in the automotive world. The second-hand market is booming. The Tarn is no exception to the rule.

Important delays for the purchase of a new car, lack of electronic components, drop in purchasing power. This accumulation makes the Tarnais mainly switch to the purchase of used cars.

This new situation can be found at one of the largest vehicle sellers in the South West, SN Diffusion. “It’s true that the market is driven by the sale of used cars, even if we manage to offer a nice range of new vehicles. This phenomenon has been going on for a few months.” What about electric vehicles? “At SN Diffusion, we are the exclusive importer of Seres. We need to develop our image, because the brand is not yet well known. We opened a dealership in Toulouse less than a year ago. The first figures are promising. Many are now tempted by electric vehicles, which combine ecology and the end of dependence on petrol, the price of which continues to climb.”

Same story at Renault Albi. “There are a lot of requests for the occasion. They are the ones that are driving sales today. This is the result of several factors. Since January, the time to own a new vehicle has been long. It takes six months , results of a lack of electronic components. Faced with this situation, customers are turning to second-hand. It is faster and cheaper. We cannot forget the impact of the decline in purchasing power, in this evolution of the market. We also see that long-term rentals with option to buy are on the rise”, we confirm at Renault. Is the stock there? “Yes, even if the snake sometimes bites its own tail. Because the fewer new cars you buy, the fewer opportunities there are on the market.”

And the electric?

“Our brand is a historical reference in this sector with the Zoé. People trust us. With the release of our new model “Austral”, these figures should increase further.”

At Debard, customers remain loyal to traditional cars

At the Debard dealership, as at SN Difussion, we sell all brands and all types of vehicles. “I will say that we are a little against the current of the market. The new and the occasion work well, with important stocks which follow”, summarizes the director general of sales, Nicolas Aïssat. “For us, what matters is the customer’s choice. We are not a manufacturer who pushes people to go more and more electric. The Tarn is a rural area. Many of our customers do a lot of kilometers to get around every day, to go to work, to go shopping, etc. The vast majority remain faithful to traditional vehicles. I repeat. We are perhaps a little against the current of the urban market.”

With ever-increasing prices, a glaring lack of electronic components, the majority of which come from Taiwan, and dwindling purchasing power, the opportunity still has a bright future ahead of it. If there are enough left to sell. And not too expensive.

Second-hand market boosts car sales