Sectarian excesses: don’t forget the biggest sect

Posted on November 23, 2022


The astonishment is total: we learned a few days ago that France, despite being a country of honey and milk, would be fertile ground for the appearance of certain sects and other suspicious sectarian groups. In any case, this is what the dedicated interministerial mission, Miviludes, shouted at itself in a recent report which was quickly discussed in all them media General public.

Worse still: these sectarian excesses are even on the rise in the country, to such an extent that between two additional restrictions on the freedom of the people and one or the other financial mismanagement grotesque, the government firmly intends to fight against this new scourge by establishing a freephone number sorry a Grenelle of Sects “bases of sectarian aberrations and conspiracy”.

Yes, poof, like that and with a relaxation quite characteristic of a power without any more restraint, you will have noticed the appearance of the word “conspiracy” at the same time as “sectarian excesses”, the Miviludes having seen its missions suddenly inflate of this new domain: France, cornered by the Mozart of Finance, will therefore embark on a bitter struggle (but necessary, it goes without saying!) against the sects and conspiracy theorists that plague it.

Practical coincidence: this is also what other Western countries are going to do, such as New Zealand where the Canada or all those who explain to what extent “democracy is in danger” because of these sectarian excesses and these conspiracy theorists, each one more eccentric than the other. In this table, we will be surprised at the brevity from the Ministry of Truth from ” Disinformation Governance Council American who did not survive more than six months. We will be reassured by saying that it is only a postponement, obviously and in view of the insistence of other countries to set up this kind of institution.

Of course, there is no doubt to be had: by thus clearly and openly opening the hunt against sects, Western governments actually quite obviously intend to fight against conspirators, that is to say non-conformists and all these sticky movements having the bad taste not to take official information at face value.

It is, in fact, no coincidence that this renewed fight against cults also coincides with the moment when the mainstream media put two pennies back in the hackneyed bastringue of the ” fight against misinformation and where politicians begin to think about beefing up their counter-offensives against evil-thinking villains.

Do not doubt it, all this is part of a real mobilization of government and media troops against the erosion of public opinion by deviants who refuse to fit into the mould. And the mixture of bigotry and conspiracy is no coincidence: if you think about it for two minutes, you will see that those who interpret the commonly available facts in a way different from the official networks (sanctioned by the government and the mainstream media ) can sometimes be deemed interesting enough to attract followers, disciples who then take it upon themselves to relay their analyzes and conclusions, rarely in tune with the messages (and goals) of the propaganda official information.

Then renamed gurus, these villainous conspirators or disinformators fall – in a very practical way – into the target of these anti-cult actions. Clever.

Obviously, to get the matter right, governments were quick to define what a sect is. A careful reading of Wikipedia article devoted to the question makes it possible to identify the main salient points of this definition: a sect is legally defined as a group with a pyramidal organization of centralized power in the hands of a person (a guru) or a restricted college of leaders , which practices mental manipulation of its followers, extortion, seeks to exclude any different doctrine, breaks away from the original environment of the members, can affect their physical and mental health, seeks to enlist the children, quite often causes disturbances to public order and collects legal disputes.

However, on reading this definition, something appears quite clearly: the biggest sect currently raging in France is certainly not the one that is the most fought, on the contrary. However, there can be no possible doubt: almost by definition, the French State fulfills all the criteria and the excesses of the last two years further increase the feeling that the increase in observed sectarian excesses does indeed come from it in the first place.

Indeed, is it useful to return to the current centralization of power in the hands of an enarque who is increasingly difficult to control? Should we mention the (artificial) multiplication of ceremonial colleges for the most iniquitous and crazy decisions that have taken place in recent years?

Is it really necessary to go back to the mental manipulations that took place during this period, the multiplication of paradoxical injunctions, the visible alternation of periods of relaxation and those of deprivation, the contradictory messages and the completely crazy prohibitions or obligations that we can, essentially, trace the birth in the small papers of consulting firms paid (by the taxpayer) to manipulate public opinion in the desired direction?

Is it useful to recall that the Head of State has intended for more than two years to bring the French people (willingly or by force) into a ” world after in a real break with the “world before”? How can we not see this project of rupture that any sect would put in place to permanently cut the links of the members with the reality of the outside world?

Extortion of funds has never been more visible than currently where the finances of the French State are catastrophic. Since the taxes (remember that they represent more than half the price of gasoline at the pumpfor example) and taxes up to the billions distributed for different causes which all violate common sense or the basic needs of the French people, is it a question of anything other than a real racket currently being put in place by Macronie?

The exclusion of any different doctrine is precisely the action currently undertaken to reduce the “conspiracy theorists” to silence: the Truth cannot be shared, it can only come from the official bearers of the governmental light.

As for attacks on the physical or mental health of the French people, there is no need to go into detail. Everyone has paid, pays and will pay heavily in their flesh and in their soul this period which opened with the arrival of Macron to power – the Yellow Vests still remember it – continued with the distribution of injections miracle and currently continues with the permanent mantras of energy crisis or inevitable climatic catastrophe.

This state sect, an evil octopus which now infuses all of French society, has also set out, like any sect, to recruit the children it claims to educate. We see the calamitous results every day.

Unsurprisingly, by the decisions that have been taken and which continue to follow one another with a worrying rhythm, this sect causes many disturbances to public order (think about it when the power is interrupted in the middle of winter) and collects disputes courts that she has no trouble crushing since Justice is her.

In short, when the State explains that it is fighting against sects, it is only looking for one thing: by fighting against competitors, it is only looking for a monopoly on its market, by force if necessary.

However, rest assured: this observation made, it is obvious that absolutely no one will draw the slightest conclusion. No action will be taken, no questioning will be considered. And just like in other sects, current members of the Macronian Millennialist and Catastrophile Church of the State will go all the way. There can be no other way, the one chosen by the Guru being the only right and good one.

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Sectarian excesses: don’t forget the biggest sect