Serie A, Juventus

At the Allianz Stadium in Turin, Juventus beat Inter 2-0 in the sign of Filip Kostic, author of the two assists for Rabiot and Fagioli. Great second half for the bianconeri, who also saw a goal canceled by the VAR and hit a post again with the Serbian winger. Inter disappointing and stunned. The defensive phase was bad, Lautaro was imprecise. Let’s see together the best and worst of the match.

=== The JUVENTUS report cards ===

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Juventus-Inter, slow motion: doubts about the goal canceled by Danilo. Is it de Vrij’s fault?


Wojciech SZCZESNY 6.5 – Sure twice on Calhanoglu, who frames the power door from the outside. Very good face to face with Lautaro a quarter of an hour from the end.

DANILO 6.5 – Quite concerned about reading the movements of Dzeko and Lautaro. Brave captain, who doesn’t give up an inch. He would also score, but the VAR takes it away. Good game overall.

BREMER 7 – As a central player in the defensive trio, he makes great. Strong, strong, precise. Impacting return. Anticipates, growls, pushes forward, attacks.

ALEX SANDRO 6 – Often loses the line and does not hold the position in the first half. Barella and Dumfries break through on his side, Inter always finds space there. Then it grows in the second half and no longer concedes anything. Average between 5 of the first 45 minutes and 7 of the seconds.

Juan CUADRADO 6 – Right, very wide. We see little forward, behind he tries to keep Dimarco’s athletic exuberance. Be careful not to discover that side.

Manuel LOCATELLI 6.5 – School direction, but effective. Continuous battles in the middle of the field. It grows a lot in the second half.

Nicoló FAGIOLI 7 – Start well, convinced and vertically. The Nerazzurri midfield, however, does not give him respite, but he does not give up. He plays with two touches, with class and coldly stamps the 2-0. Very good.

Adrien RABIOT 7.5 – Physically he holds up the impact with his Nerazzurri rivals. In the second half (with the right) he opens the platter and beats Onana on the perfect cross from Kostic. Great game, especially in containment (more duels won than anyone on the pitch, 10).

Filip KOSTIC 8 – Best in the field for posting. Wide to the left, in the first half a couple of harmless crosses, in the second half he takes the chair: first with a ride of 50 meters he flies and Rabiot needs the 1-0 assist. Then he would also beat Danilo’s doubling corner. But the VAR cancels. With a great southpaw he also hits the post. Finally it supplies the 2-0 of Fagioli. Inexhaustible.

Fabio MIRETTI 5.5 – Light, shy, slow. All “ino”. She finds little space between the lines and ends up getting lost. In the second half he is revived by the Juventus advantage and begins to get noticed, but always with some too many inaccuracies. (From 81 ‘DI MARIA SV – Start the action of the second goal)

Arkadiusz MILIK 5.5 – Too isolated forward. De Vrij and Skriniar anesthetize him without too much difficulty. He fights, often plays with his back to the goal, but struggles to be useful. (From 73 ‘CHURCH 6 – He wants and it shows. He plays center forward, constantly cutting. He has to find the right rhythm)

Att. Massimiliano ALLEGRI 7.5 – Flashes of old Juventus. Grim, tough, focused. In the first half he concedes two scoring and does not create any. In the second half another team, unblocked by Rabiot’s network. Bravo to give confidence and freedom to Fagioli, excellent choice of central Bremer.

Kostic during Juventus-Inter – Serie A 2022/2023

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=== Inter report cards ===

André ONANA 6 – Killed at the first real Juventus opportunity by Rabiot. The deviation on Kostic’s left-handed who ends up on the post was decisive. He can’t even do anything about Fagioli.

Milan SKRINIAR 5 – A foul on Rabiot takes away his confidence. He does not get to close on the French’s goal and is also in bad shape on the Bianconeri’s doubling. (From 82 ‘DARMIAN SV)

Stefan DE VRIJ 4.5 – Milik disturbs him in setting, but he doesn’t give up. Late on Rabiot’s goal as Skriniar. He also hurt in the Juventus doubling and was also burned by Danilo on the goal canceled by the VAR.

Francesco ACERBI 5.5 – Very well in the first half, when he gets up and pushes himself under pressure on the Juventus players. In the second half he struggles and fails to close on Fagioli’s 2-0.

Denzel DUMFRIES 5 – A great chance on Barella’s assist: he sets high in an uncoordinated way. He is hardly noticeable and clearly loses the duel with Kostic. (From 82 ‘BELLANOVA SV)

Nicoló BARELLA 5.5 – Continuous and intelligent movement, which disturbs Juventus. He sends Dumfries into the goal, who does not take advantage of the chance. He has the demerit of losing the duel which Kostic then turns into an assist for Rabiot. From then on he gets nervous and makes a lot of mistakes (20 balls lost in total).

Hakan CALHANOGLU 6.5 – Miretti marks it as a man, but it looks good and has personality. He tries after 10 minutes with a broadside out, well saved by Szczesny. Also at the beginning of the recovery another missile with the right, always well rejected by the Polish goalkeeper. The most dangerous of the Nerazzurri and the one with the most balls recovered. (From 74 ‘CORREA 6 – Come in and send Lautaro to the door immediately. Only flicker in the final 20 minutes)

Henrikh MKHITARYAN 5.5 – A pair of fine long cuts from a player with above average technique that he is. Combine little else, hiding in the median. (From 82 ‘BROZOVIC SV)

Federico DIMARCO 6 – He starts strong, attacking Cuadrado very high. Fit and convinced, he drops to the distance. (From 74 ‘GOSENS 5.5 – He reads Kostic’s cross late which ends up in Fagioli. Loses a couple of bloody balloons)

Edin DZEKO 5.5 – Very close to scoring with a header in the middle of the first half. He varies and tries to connect, but remains totally helpless in the goal area. Bremer always anticipates it.

LAUTARO Martinez 5 – Immediately a powerful southpaw on the edge of the pole. Then he is well contained by Bremer. At 15 from the end he comes face to face with Szczesny, but he lets himself be hypnotized. Bad night.

Herdsman Simone INZAGHI 5 – Inter positive but not very concrete in the first half. After having conceded Rabiot’s goal, the team collapsed, even psychologically. Changes questionable, he loses yet another direct confrontation.

Allegri gives good luck to Doveri: “An important game for him, he scores 200 in Serie A”

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Allegri: “Turnaround? Long championship but Juve were full of desire and enthusiasm”


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Inzaghi: “We have to do more in big matches, we lack continuity”


Serie A, Juventus-Inter 2-0, report cards: Kostic MVP, Rabiot very well, Lautaro disappoints