Serie A, the teams that have completed the most dribbles after seven days

The Serie A teams that have completed the highest number of dribbles in these first seven days of the championship

We have reached the first national stop of the new championship of A league. It is therefore already time to make the first assessments after the tour de force of just over a month that has already brought us to the eighth day of the top league. As expected, there were some surprises, and some even relatively unexpected ones, in this start of the tournament.

The largest is probably the one concerning the situation in the standings. After seven days in the lead we find the Naples, which instead comes from a fairly turbulent last phase of the market and has been at the center of numerous criticisms during the pre-season. But it was also a good start Atalanta, another team that – first and foremost by its coach Gian Piero Gasperini – was heavily criticized regarding the transfer market, but which then showed that it can have its say on the pitch, and also great. The most surprising departure of all, however, was probably that from Udinese, who is third just one point from the two aforementioned and is playing great football. After losing the first and drawing the second outing of the season, the Friulians have lined up five consecutive victories, also beating teams like Roma and Inter without particular problems and also with quite important results.

Among the various balances that we have already made in view of this stop we talked about the teams with the best defense (here all the data) and those with the best attack (here all the data). This time, using the data provided by Kickest, we decided to tackle the dribbling topic. And in particular we will go to see which teams of the Italian top league they have completed the greatest number of dribbles. Spoiler: Berlusconi and Galliani’s Monza is also at the top of the table.

Serie A, the teams that have completed the most dribbles

There is a decidedly surprising figure when it comes to dribbling. The team, indeed the teams that have completed the most successfully since the beginning of the 2022/23 season are in fact the Rome – and so far everything normal – and the Monza. Yes, just that Monza that struggled so much in the first six outings of the season and that found the first historic victory in its history in Serie A against Juventus in the seventh round and with the new coach Raffaele Palladino, on the first bench after the exoneration of Giovanni Stroppa. Both teams have so far successfully completed 66 dribbles, Monza with just 88 tried, while Roma with 134. So virtually Monza is the team that dribbles best of the whole tournament, at least for the moment.

The second position for teams that complete the most successful dribbles is occupied by Milan, which for now has stopped at 65 compared to 120 attempted. To follow in third position another team in some ways revelation of the start, the Turin, with 64 successful out of 122 attempted. The new arrivals in the home grenade have started the new season quite well, especially Vlasic. Udinese, who, as we said before, started the new season very well both from the point of view of results and the game, also started well with regard to dribbling: 57 successful ones, out of 111 attempted. The main surprise in the top ten, obviously after the first position at Monza, is however Salerno. The Campanians have included several quality players within the squad (see Vilhena and Dia) and the results are being seen. Not only on the field but in general, for example as regards dribbling, Nicola’s team is seventh with 50 successful out of 109 attempts, just under half.

The main surprises, however, lie below the tenth position. There are several top clubs that have a lot to improve on this fundamental. There Fiorentina for example, that of the 105 dribbling attempts he took home only 44. Even the bad Juventus, with 81 attempted and 42 successful. In the case of the bianconeri it is also true that the highest quality players from this point of view have practically not yet seen themselves at work (Chiesa, Pogba and Di Maria). Strangely underneath too Atalanta, who covers the sixteenth position with 36 successful dribbles compared to 93 attempts. Immediately below the Lazio who, despite the enormous quality and technicality of the 11 that takes the field, has brought home just 35 of the 77 tested. The worst of the big is instead Inter, which holds the third last position. The Nerazzurri are struggling a lot from this point of view, and the 33 successful dribbles out of the 88 attempted are the greatest confirmation of this, in addition to the difficulties on the pitch.

If Inter are third from last and are doing very badly, there are two other teams that are doing even worse than the Milanese. It is about Spezia and Cremonese. Even if they cover the last two positions of the particular ranking, the two formations are actually tied. Both have successfully completed 31 dribbles in the first seven games of the new championship. Except that the Spezia has tried 84, while the Cremonese 75. They also deserve a mention Bologna and Sampdoria. Even if they started quite badly in the league, especially Sampdoria which covers the last position of the board with just two points in seven games, from the point of view of dribbling the situation is almost completely reversed. For the Bolognese there are 47 successful out of 96 attempted, which are worth the ninth position in the standings. For the Dorians there are 46 completed out of 97 attempted, which are worth the tenth position instead. Dribbling which, however, are evidently ends in themselves, since the results are not influenced in any way, in their case.

Serie A, the ranking for successful dribbling

  1. Monza: 66 successful dribbles (88 attempted)
  2. Rome: 66 (134)
  3. Milan: 65 (120)
  4. Turin: 64 (122)
  5. Udinese: 57 (111)
  6. Naples: 54 (125)
  7. Salerno: 50 (109)
  8. Sassuolo: 49 (88)
  9. Bologna: 47 (96)
  10. Sampdoria: 46 (97)
  11. Empoli: 45 (96)
  12. Verona: 44 (95)
  13. Fiorentina: 44 (105)
  14. Juventus: 42 (81)
  15. Lecce: 42 (79)
  16. Atalanta: 36 (93)
  17. Lazio: 35 (77)
  18. Inter: 33 (88)
  19. Spice: 31 (84)
  20. Cremonese: 31 (75)

Serie A, the teams that have completed the most dribbles after seven days