She discovers she is pregnant at the disco when her labor begins, Vivian becomes a mother at 20

One woman said she didn’t know she was pregnant until she went into labor on her way to the nightclub. Sales assistant Vivian Wise Ruizvelasco, 20, from Mexico, gave birth to her son Matías ten months ago after having labor while out at the nightclub.

She revealed that she had no idea about the pregnancy before giving birth and that she was continuing life “as normal”, drinking, exercising and spending time with her friends and boyfriend Tonatiuh González.

But after a friend’s birthday party she had intense pain in her stomach and hip and went to the hospital, where a doctor informed her that she was giving birth. The new mother said it was a “shock” and that she and her boyfriend were worried about how they would pay for their medical bills, but she is now happy to have her son, Matías.

Her experience video went viral on TikTok, amassing 16.9 million views and 1.3 million likes. She said: “I found out I was pregnant when I was already in labor. Immediately, I went into shock for many reasons, such as wondering if the baby was okay and what I would do with him. I was worried about everything I had to buy and in that moment my world fell apart. “

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He continued: “At the beginning it was very difficult for me, because I had no experience or relationships with children, but over time I started to adapt. The fact that I have to teach him how to be in life is very beautiful and he is already going to kindergarten as well as being happy. He’s my son, my partner and the love of my life: it’s honestly the best and most sudden thing that could have happened to me. ‘

Vivien had been feeling “a little sick” for two days, but she still went to dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday. However, she started feeling sick with pain in her hips and stomach, and left to go home around midnight.

The next day, Vivian went to work but was taking “a thousand pills” and “drinking an herbal tea” in an attempt to relieve what she thought was severe abdominal pain. In fact, she was experiencing contractions. She eventually left her job early and went to the hospital with Tonatiuh. “It was then that they told me that the pain was due to the fact that I was in labor and that I had to give birth,” she said.

Their son, Matías, was delivered by caesarean section and the couple were “shocked” with mixed emotions. She said, “I didn’t feel hurt or anything, but my boyfriend was in shock. I don’t know what he was [pensando], but clearly he had to move because there were things we needed for the baby, as well as figuring out how we were going to pay for the hospital. He was so scared, but I got it. ‘

The TikTok video documents Vivian’s hidden pregnancy, showing how she continued without knowing she was expecting. “A lot of people didn’t believe me and thought it was impossible or that it was a lie,” she said. “The other majority of people were shocked and on the other hand, many women commented that the same thing happened to them. I have always led my life as if nothing had happened and I often went to parties, but I didn’t drink that much anymore because almost a year ago I had my gallbladder removed.

“But I was still having a drink, as well as exercising and swimming: everything was really normal.”

One viewer added: “Well, this seems like a more pleasant time during pregnancy. I felt miserable during pregnancy … ‘

“This is actually common, some women do not grow their stomachs and, due to the fetal position, they do not feel the baby kick and are lucky to be asymptomatic,” said someone else.

Another user added: “Welcome to the club, I didn’t know I was expecting twins until I was 30 weeks old and gave birth to them at 34 weeks”

She discovers she is pregnant at the disco when her labor begins, Vivian becomes a mother at 20