Soccer. Johan Gallon: “If it continues like this, it will not be with me”

Johan Gallon heads down. The Mondeville coach has the blues. ©Aline Chatel

John Gallon had a heavy heart, Saturday September 3, 2022 after the defeat of Mondeville versus FLERS (1-4). “I ask myself a lot of questions because this team does not suit me,” he said. We lose, we win, it does not matter. It is the state of mind that reigns in this club that worries me the most. Mentalities will have to be changed. There are shadows hanging over this club. It’s very complicated… “

“A failure to respect the identity of the club”

Happy and moved at the time of returning to a club which saw him grow up and from which he had kept a certain number of shirts, displayed in the locker room before the first meeting of Regional 1, Johan Gallon was quickly disillusioned. “I knew there was work, but work doesn’t scare me. On the other hand, the ability of people to be mean, to be selfish, is a failure to respect the identity of the club. From there, nothing can be done,” he complains.

“The care must be very intensive”

The former coach of Granville (N2), quarter-finalist of the Coupe de France, does not hide his doubts. “I’m here to try to heal. But care must be very intensive. The evil is deep, believes Johan Gallon.

Am I the right doctor? I do not know. Anyway, my method doesn’t look right. We will have to act differently.

John Gallon

Annoyed by the legacy he found on his arrival, speaking of a club left in a “lamentable” state, Johan Gallon did not imagine such a project. “I’m bringing to the surface everything that’s been going on for four, five years at this club. Every day, day after day. I can assure you that there are a bunch of them who have a very, very important share of responsibility. »

“Otherwise, the club is going straight into the wall”

The technician recommends “very strong decisions” to stop the negative spiral already perceived during the preparation and in the second round of the Coupe de France, marked by elimination at Falaise. “Either we change everything, we really start from a blank page, or we live with these shadows that have been hovering around the club for years. The ultimatum is issued.

From Monday, real decisions must be made for the future of the club. Can we trust each other and work in peace? Or do we continue like this? If it continues like this, it will not be with me. It’s certain.

John Gallon

What decisions does the former Malherbiste evoke? “You will see at the beginning of the week. People who have responsibilities will be able to make decisions necessary for the future of the club. It’s essential. Otherwise, the club goes straight into the wall. »

“Finding Stability”

Johan Gallon intends to drive out internal dissensions, which are very real. “We have to find stability,” he insists. And the coach added: “if you don’t want to work with such a coach, leave the club! The next few days could already be decisive.

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Soccer. Johan Gallon: “If it continues like this, it will not be with me”