Soccer. Jules Huet: “In National 3, it’s not the most beautiful who wins”

Jules Huet has found an essential role at AG Caen, where his body leaves him in peace this season. ©Aline Chatel

Best attack of National 3, AG Caen is leader of the classification with four victories and a draw. But if his attacking players have become used to shining, at least before the lackluster performance in front of Gonfreville on Saturday October 29, 2022 (1-1), central defender Jules Huet underlines the importance of defending well in this division.

Jules, before falling slightly against Gonfreville, you had an ideal start to the season…

We didn’t really expect that because the club was coming out of a complicated season. In the end, the osmosis was well made between the new and the old. The coach brings a new vision of football. As it comes from the upper level, it brings rigor and seriousness. That’s what was missing a bit. We all get along well. On the field, we make every effort for each other. In N3, it is not the most beautiful who wins. He is the one who defends the best and who counters the best.

“Keep up as soon as possible”

You are also capable of being beautiful…

Yes, we try to be in both registers. We try to play a minimum of football to have fun on the field and, when it’s a little more complicated, to get into a defensive block and counter. Since the start of the season, we have conceded either own goals or goals from set pieces. I’m not even sure we conceded a goal in the game (AG Caen conceded four goals, editor’s note).

When you have a string of good results and you don’t lose, is there a form of additional pressure?

We want to win as many matches as possible, of course, but we have to manage not to put too much pressure on ourselves. The hardest part is staying focused. By chaining the victories, we can unconsciously think that it will be easy. In fact, no game is. That’s the biggest danger.

In your position, do you naturally assert yourself as a candidate for the rise?

When we make a start to the season like this, we can have the climb in the back of our minds. But the championship is going to be so tight this year… With five or six runs, it will be complicated. The priority is to maintain as quickly as possible to avoid reliving a struggling season. If we are in the right car at mid-season, why not play the leading roles until the end of the year.

“I’m starting to regain my speed”

The central defense of the team was recomposed in the off-season with you and Léon Valentin. A pair that works well…

We knew each other very little. We had a friendly match with Avranches, in recruitment. We complement each other pretty well. We are three of the same level at the post. When there is a glitch, Joël (Lembo) can replace us without the level dropping.

Have you found all your feelings this season with the Avant Garde?

I did individual preparation with Julien Alvarez and his associates at AJustrainer. This allowed me to recover really well in the lower body. When I resumed, I felt a bit heavy physically. It was normal, they had warned me. The more the matches pass, the better I feel physically. I’m starting to regain the speed I had before. Mentally, everything follows.

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Soccer. Jules Huet: “In National 3, it’s not the most beautiful who wins”