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Nacional managed a great comeback against Sportivo Ameliano to win 2-1 and continue adding three in the championship. The game was played at the Martín Torres stadium, which was very short and before the end it also suffered a power outage when they were tied. Upon returning, it was García Guerreño who gave the tricolor victory.

Ameliano, one of the teams fighting to score points and get out of relegation to the Intermediate, received Nacional that if they got the three points they would reach the top of the tournament awaiting the result of Olimpia, who plays later.

It wasn’t a great first half, but the teams had scoring chances that they couldn’t capture. The one that was closest was Sportivo Ameliano, which from the first moment was the one that most tried to reach Santiago Rojas.

Alejandro Samudio was the one who came close twice at the start of the match. In the first, his shot hit a Nacional defender and in the second his shot came out very slowly and Santiago Rojas controlled it well.

Ameliano deserved more, without a doubt, from what was seen in the first stage, he was the one who came the most to Rojas who, at times, became a figure in Nacional. The academy couldn’t leave and he had a counterattack at the feet of Carlos Arrúa that finished off badly.

When the first stage was about to end, there was another counterattack from Nacional and Morel suffered a foul by Benítez when entering the area, after the VAR review, José Méndez said it was a penalty and the scorer Facundo Bruera kicked very badly so that the ball goes out.

Minutes later, Enrique Guedes was expelled from Ameliano for a strong tackle on Carlos Arrúa, which is how Ameliano had to face the second half of the match.

Sportivo Ameliano came with a change and Nacional with two for the start of the second stage that started with everything. Ameliano quickly took the lead with a play from the right and the ball that reached Fredy Vera who scored the first for his team.

Nacional went out with everything to look for the tie and created situations in which they wanted to quickly reach the goal. Fleitas and Bruera missed unmissable situations until David Fleitas was able to reach equality.

It was a very lively match after Nacional’s draw, both teams had chances to score and there were emotions in front of the goals.

Nacional was the one who sought the most with the passing of the minutes, Matías Martínez was one of the most unbalanced in the academy, but he lacked a little more precision in the final touch.

Ameliano’s players began to suffer physically and that meant that at many points in the game they fell to the ground and let the minutes pass.

When 91 minutes of play had elapsed and with seven to go, a blackout came in the preferences sector and they had to wait to finish the match at the Martín Torres stadium. After almost twenty minutes the light came back on and the match continued.

At 93 minutes of play, two minutes after the restart, the second came for Nacional, it was after a free kick and a header by Rolando García Guerreño to beat Jorge Chena and score the second for the academy.

Nacional came back from the game that did not go well and reaches Cerro Porteño in the standings, waiting for Olimpia to do against Sol de América.

Sportivo Ameliano vs. National: comeback from the academy to continue adding – Soccer – ABC Color