Stabbing without repentance: when evil pierces us

A punch in the stomach. And then the chills down my spine, tears in my eyes. The words and reactions of the 29-year-old accused of attempted assassination for the double stabbing at the Manor of Lugano almost two years ago are striking, disorienting, disturbing, and was interrogated yesterday during the first day of the trial. We are not very used to defendants like you in Ticino. As we are not in this type of crime.

Mind you, the Ticino criminal classrooms are witnesses of a variegated humanity that sometimes leads to decidedly unpleasant characters. The countless cases related to drug trafficking, unfortunately often smaller than large fish, are flanked by various types of thieves and scammers, from trusty cheaters to unscrupulous gangs. Then there are crimes of a sexual nature, violent ones, assassinations and attempted and successful assassinations. It is really rare, but rare, that a defendant appears before a court who not only shows no sign of repentance, but even claims that he would do what he had done trying to organize himself better so that this time the coup succeeds. And the blow, we remember, was aimed at killing.

Not only. The young woman shows no displeasure, ever. She does not do it in words, pursued by the judges. She doesn’t do it while she reconstructs that damn day. She does not even do it in front of the video, unclear it is true, of the attack or in front of the images of the injuries caused to the victims. Impressive photos, especially those of the first victim, who was most seriously injured and present in the courtroom. A gash of at least ten centimeters that clearly highlights the veins, the flesh, the muscles, the bones, the blood. Faced with a torn neck, she exclaims “I thought the cut was deeper.”

Declarations that disdain, plunging a press room into an astonished silence that also accompanied with some smiles some previous releases decidedly sui generis of the 29-year-old. However, with a pen and a cooler mind, it is the whole context that strikes, disorients and disturbs. And first and foremost the personal story of this young woman. Slightly retarded, with various mental disorders, a past made up of suffering and abuse. Her harangue and indictment await us only in a couple of days, but we can already sense it: her defense thesis will also point to her mental state to explain her actions. It will be the Court to express itself on the defensive system and on the total absence of empathy expressed by the woman.

Regardless of what the sentence will be, two fixed points still dominate the story. The fright and pain caused that November 24, 2020, which we remember very well in the city, and a situation of profound personal distress, which lasted for years, to which our social system was unable to respond adequately. Start from here. Unfortunately, the defendant does not seem to be aware of the mistake made. On the other hand, those who have the mental resources to be aware of their actions must do everything to invest in taking care – as adequate as possible – of people who are disturbed to the point of not even being able to feel sorry for trying to kill others. people. Justice, not only towards the 29-year-old and her victims, also passes through here.

Stabbing without repentance: when evil pierces us