Stef and Phere: “From a scratch card to YouTube with 6 million fans”

from Federico Cella

The couple won over the kids by telling the stories through video games. “We have been engaged since 2012, in the first two years we earned 10 euros”

“Eight years ago two stupid kids were in Cagliari, a place that you can like and dislike but which has a specific characteristic:
there is no job. We didn’t know what to do but we had a certain idea about the future: to embark on a company that would allow us to work happily ». Thus begins one of the latest videos of Stef and Phere, stage name of Stefano Sergio Siddi And Veronica Ballmagical couple who on Youtube totals a set of 6 million followers on 4 channels. Of which the main one is
Two Players One Console
– two players and a console -, irresistible magnet for millions of children and teenagers who every day watch the not only artistic couple tell stories through the most popular video games in the target age (such as Minecraft And Roblox). The formats change, but the style remains the same, loved by parents too: calm, correct, positive, never shouted. And so Tpoc over the years – eight from the beginning – it has become a small company of 10 people. Which produces the contents on social networks (those of Stefano and Veronica, but also of their cats Nino, Camille and Leo), adventure books and gadgets (of all kinds). With one certainty: “We always write and create everything ourselves: we tell the” consolini “(
their followers, from consoles, ed
) what our life is, without cuts or filters ».

You have been engaged since 2012, entrepreneurs of yourselves since 2014. With a rather typical start …

STEF: «We started in my room, at my mom’s house. For Italian youtubers, the mother’s house is a bit like Steve Jobs’ garage. You live and work in the same room, in two. It was tough. ‘
PHERE: «In the first two years we earned 10 euros, the kind donation of a spectator. Stef’s mom would leave brochures of training courses on the kitchen table every day that we could follow, she wanted us to find a real job. Then one day she left us a scratch card, which turned out to be worth 500 euros. We spent it all on equipment. We raised and after a while… it went ».

You were the first couple to debut in Italy on Youtube. And continue with great balance and without stereotypes. An important message to the new generations.

S: «I am the presenter of the video, the one who tells the context and the gameplaywith the character of Veronica instead that makes you laugh the most: she is the one who throws herself into battle, tries dangerous things … “
P: «I wanted my character to mimic the real Veronica as much as possible, shy but a real tomboy. Stef leads the dances and this leaves me free to represent who I am, that is, a female figure very distant from the Disney princesses. Which, unlike the protagonists of the manga (Japanese comics, ed
), tell of a traditional model of woman that frankly can no longer be accepted “.
S: «Without exaggerating, on the contrary. In the real world, there are no princesses on the one hand and super-tamarre on the other. These stereotypes have really broken. I like Veronica, me and our “consolini”, because she is simply very human in showing herself. Here, Tpoc works because we stage two real people ».

What do you answer if I tell you that you are the new “children’s TV”?

S: «The new generations, but not only now, no longer watch traditional TV: we have all moved to Netflix, YouTube and so on. We too grew up in front of the television, watching our beloved Japanese cartoons: Dragon Ball, Holly and Benji, Sailor Moon. But now we feel the TV very far away, it does not represent us: it is all a great exaggeration, only theatricality, and a lot of pain, often forced ».
P: «Today’s kids want more interaction, not to feel just passive, distant spectators. They want to create a relationship, even an emotional one, with their favorites. We chat with them, we answer questions in the videos. And for this to happen, we need real human beings, not actors in a fiction. Not finding references on TV anymore, the new generations look for them on the Internet. For better or for worse, because the Net is also full of great problems. You have to know how to move, and we try to help them in this too ».

So let’s talk about Youtube, a market that you yourself say is saturated, to the point that many are moving to TikTok where it is easier to make high numbers. How do you see the future of social entertainment?

P: “An easy question, thank you (laugh, ed
). The over-constructed show is a problem that is also coming to Youtube. Why us too creators (content creators, ed
) as we become famous we tend to become fewer people and more characters. And so Youtube is losing the unique feature of showing real life. Our work is a continuous balance between the quality that we want to grow and yet being able to remain genuine ».
S: «The future lies in niche content. Starting from Youtube as an entertainment macro-platform, we now see that the market is diversifying: one piece comes off and goes on Twitch, another piece on TikTok, others remain on Youtube but differentiate themselves. More and more vertical and professional channels. Figures like ours, capable of gathering millions of followers, will gradually disappear because the audience will be divided into different channels “.

While we’re talking about the future, what about your tomorrow, when will you get tired of being frontman every day?

S: «In the future at some point we will close this adventure, we have already told the fans several times. Already now we realize that we sometimes experience our work a bit like a cage, a beautiful cage that prevents us from doing anything else. We enjoyed writing books, for example. But also to create new formats, perhaps to be proposed to someone else ».
P: «Here, one day we will see ourselves as entertainers of the show business. In the last two years we have started studying business training and business management precisely to prepare for the future. And because we really struggle to stay still ».

Let’s close with the gossip, and sorry: in December you celebrate your 10 years together and you have demonstrated an undoubted ability with the little ones. When is your child?

«Children and marriage: the fans ask us all the time. And this is a part of our life that we want to keep private instead. But let’s see ».

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Stef and Phere: “From a scratch card to YouTube with 6 million fans”