Summary of the match: Necaxa vs Leon (3

A real lightning illuminated the Necaxa for return to the path of victory, after four duels of not doing it and did it in a night that got complicated; Even so, those from Aguascalientes won 3-2.

The Fiera that does not find an even walk at the Opening 2022 had a bad first time on the field of the Victoria Stadium, which was well used by Jaime Lozano’s pupils to score 3 goals; In the complementary part, the León tried and revived at the end with a double by Víctor Dávila and was nothing of the tie.

Necaxa added four duels in a row without victoryknew that the Lion fights him and that is why he went out to kill.

In the first minutes, León had the ballbut the notice came from the side of Necaxa when Milton Giménez finished off with a header on the post just at minute 23, in what seemed like the goal that opened the scoring; Facundo Batista found the score at 26′however, this was annulled as out of place.

At 34′, Brian Garcia took the ball, led him down the right flank, raised his head and put him in the area. There Gimenez appearedwho soon defined and put the ball away from Rodolfo Cota to make it 1-0.

Batista increased the lead at 44′ when receiving a ball from behind, returning it, it fell again and from a distance he released the rifle to beat Cota from afar and thus make it 2-0.

La Fiera barely settled in and at 45′ received the 3-0 when Cota sent the ball into his own goal, after a ball that hit the post and then the goalkeeper.

Starting the second half, the Guanajuatenses tried to get closer on the marker. That’s why, Fidel Ambriz headed dangerously a ball saved by the Rayos goalkeeper, Luis Ángel Malagón.

Necaxa, who faded in the second half, continued and at 56′, Vicente Poggi put another ball into the area of ​​a very beaten León, however, Batista could not make a good reception and let him go.

Leon continued. Byron Castillo tried to do it at 63′ and Alexis Peña appeared to clear the ball and with it, the danger in the Necaxa goal.

Heriberto Jurado made a long shot at 72′, which was well followed by Cota and who kept the ball to avoid greater danger in his goal.

At 75′, Luis Montes looked for the goal of honor for La Fiera. He took the ball, hit it hard and Malagón cut short and spatbut his defense complemented him.

lion closed the match in search of his goaland again he stayed close since the post prevented Yairo Moreno from scoringwhich he received against Malagón in a good play by Víctor Dávila, and although he tried to define, the metal went through.

Before the final whistle. Jurado was nothing from the room for the hydrocálidoswith a shot that ended up deflecting Cota.

This intervention was important, since the 90′, Dávila approached the León on two occasions. First with a header inside the area after a center that seemed to be going away and thus the 3-1 came; within seconds, the Chilean received inside the area, settled down and released the shot to beat Malagón and make him 3-2.

León still knocked on the door in a free kick taken by Malagón to corner shot.

The duel ended warmly with an outbreak of anger which was extinguished with warnings.

With this loss, those of Renato Paiva stayed with 12 pointsproduct of 3 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses.

The Rays already have 17 units with 5 wins, 5 losses and 2 draws and is approaching qualification.

Summary of the match: Necaxa vs Leon (3-0). GOALS