Sunday In 2022

Domenica In – press conference – Mara Venier

The new edition of Sunday In: Mara Venier and the new director Simona Sala today in the press meeting they unveiled news, surprises and confirmations, as well as the guests of the first episode

This morning was held the Press conference presentation of the new edition of Sunday In with Mara Venier And Simona Sala, new director of the program. The historic presenter, now in its 14th edition, tells what the secrets of success are, also announcing the many innovations that will be made to the program starting with a new theme and some changes in the studio.

Simona Sala: It is clear that the news of the moment is the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth. So we will pay homage, in the first episode of Sunday In, this great figure. Now we are here to inaugurate the new edition of the program which will be Mara’s 14th. It will be one more than those conducted by the great Pippo Baudo and I must say that it is Mara who makes it younger every year. I realized how truly intergenerational she is and of course this too Sunday In it will be built by her and around her. Mara gave the best definition of herself because she said: «I’m pop, not trash. I’m popular, not vulgar. ‘ And this must be our Sunday. Mara touches all the strings of the TV because she amuses, because she informs more and more, because she moves and excites. As director I would like to have a day time increasingly linked to reality and in this with Mara we are really in full harmony. I believe that we can face such difficult years, reaching depth without ever losing lightness. Mara did it. We found ourselves in tune with a theme that I would like to keep always with the spotlight on, which is the fight against violence against women.

Mara Venier: I did an interview with Aldo Cazzullo in Corriere della Sera, where I talked about many things but I focused on the issue of violence against women.
I have already covered this topic in the first year of Domenica In and if you remember every Sunday either there was a mother or there was a sister or there was one of the surviving women. Sunday In it is a program to which I cannot say no, because by now, you no longer take me seriously, but every year I say: «this is the last». I believe there was a turning point during the pandemic. I think I had a credibility that I didn’t have before. I dealt with very complicated, very difficult issues and I was very scared, so much so that I had decided not to go on the air. It was the terrible moment where we were all locked inside the house, where there were so many dead, where we did not know what was happening. I have a husband older than me with a lung disease that I was afraid for him, I was afraid to go home and carry this virus. That’s why I wanted to stop and then instead I went on, here in the studio there were two of us. I went on the air like this, without makeup, very scared and during every black I cried. The coolest thing is when people stop me and thank me for the company during the pandemic. I am happy to have gone on the air and to have tried to bring some laughs, some light-hearted moments.

Simona Sala: This year there was only a small change to the studio, but it will be important for us because Mara will be able to interact, as she always asked last year, with the orchestra. There will therefore also be that space in the studio where you can enter, talk and be with the musicians. Now we are ready to start this new edition which will have a brand new theme.

Mara Venier: Tonight I will go to Verona where Carlo Conti and Vanessa will give me an award for what I have Sunday In i did for music. I must say that the escalation that has taken place in recent years is surprising, because at the beginning it was a bit difficult to have great guests. Instead, over the years I have had wonderful guests from Tiziano Ferro to Zucchero, to Renato Zero to Jovanotti. This year I strongly wanted two wonderful artists who are Andrea Sannino and Franco Ricciardi to whom I proposed to compose the new theme which is titled An exceptional day. It is the first time that two artists have written the theme song for a Sunday program. Andrea Sannino entered people’s hearts with his Hug me. Franco Ricciardi is a wonderful artist, he has won two David di Donatello.

Franco Ricciardi: The first in 2014 thanks to the Manetti Bros film, Songand Napule and the second in 2018 with Love and underworld.

Domenica In - press conference - Andrea Sannino and Franco Ricciardi
Domenica In – press conference – Andrea Sannino and Franco Ricciardi

“The Mara effect” is not only within national borders but is also overseas because you are truly a symbol of our country, beloved everywhere. I wanted to ask you, on the eve of this very special edition, do you feel more responsibility or emotion? And then I also wanted to ask you if you have already invited Pippo Baudo for one of the next episodes.

Mara Venier: So both of you. I am worried and it should be so but I am also excited. The 14th edition is a great responsibility. I think that at this point I must also try to be a little more serene, a little more calm and in fact in the interview with Corriere della Sera I really say that at this point I can dare even more. We don’t always have to chase the ratings. I believe that the right time has come for a different commitment which consists precisely of dealing with important news stories together with my wonderful collaborators. In the first episode there will be Alessandra’s sister, that woman who was killed by her ex-boyfriend. It is not easy to bring in front of the cameras those who have such severe pain. It is not easy to talk about even for those who have survived so this is what I want to do and I will continue to do so. I want to take a chance. Pippo Baudo I always invite him and I hope that this year he accepts. I wish him all the best and all the health possible.

A few more elements of the first episode. Did you tell us who will be the host for what concerns the topic that is close to your heart of violence against women while the interview that the host foresees?

Mara Venier: Loretta Goggi, whom I always invite to the first episode of Sunday In, it is an almost superstitious fact, beyond that we love each other, that we are friends, that there is mutual respect. With Loretta nothing is ever repetitive, always something wonderful and unpredictable comes out. There will also be a surprise in the interview because Alberto Matano arrives and interviews us both.

Domenica In - press conference - Simona Sala and Mara Venier
Domenica In – press conference – Simona Sala and Mara Venier

How it has changed Sunday In? Your historic firsts Sunday In they were a glowing show where there were games, there were singing guests, you disguised yourself… Now everything is focused on you. Do you find yourself more comfortable?

Mara Venier: Well, not that comfortable. Before, I shared a lot with my whole group. They were wonderful years but we also shared bad times because Sunday In it started very badly. In ’93 they wanted to close it but we got stuck and it became the success that everyone knows. Times have changed and today that formula would not work. The thing that gets the most attention is my interviews so it works well that way. We have tried many times to include someone because I am the first to want to share the effort but it becomes difficult. For three and a half hours I don’t give up for a moment.

Simona Sala: It is also right that broadcasts take shape when there is such a strong conductor. Sunday In it is not a format but a transmission that changes every time so it is also right that it is then built around the conductor.

Mara Venier: The truth is that they say: «The format of Sunday In it’s Mara ». I never know exactly what I do on Sundays, because I go on the air and change everything live, driving my writers crazy. I emotionally live the program so if I understand that something works I carry it on. Those years there were beautiful, wonderful, I am romantically linked to everything but I believe that now Italy has changed.

Mara what is the secret of your interviews?

Mara Venier: There is no secret. You empathize with everyone, it’s like magic. When I sit down, I fall in love with those in front of me. A particular feeling is created whereby even if a guest is recommended not to touch upon certain topics before the interview, then of course he decides to talk about them. I never have written questions and it always seems so impromptu. First of all, the secret is that I listen. Obviously there is an upstream preparation. I get ready on Saturday night. My authors let me have their cards but I study alone. For example, for Jovanotti I went to read the interviews of 14 years earlier. In the sense that I read everything, I try to know everything, I memorize two things and then on Sunday I go. This is my method. I could never follow a hunchback. I am denied. I must be set free, not harnessed. I listen and look in the eyes and from there, by magic, everything comes out.

She reiterated that no initials had ever been written specifically for the program. Why this choice? How did the spark strike between you and these two extraordinary artists, Sannino and Ricciardi? What is the secret of his enthusiasm that year after year he increases to Sunday In?

Mara Venier: The secret of my enthusiasm in life are the pains that I have had strong, serious, dramatic that have led me to love everything I do. I love Franco and Andrea and I found it right to give the opportunity to two such good artists who reach people’s hearts. I love them deeply because they sing with their hearts and in this they resemble me, because everything I do, for better or for worse, always starts from there.

Domenica In - press conference
Domenica In – press conference

What does it mean in terms of responsibility to be the aunt of all Italians?

Mara Venier: Being an aunt is beautiful. I was very young when I started saying “Aunt’s loves”, it was during my first one Sunday In thirty years ago. I am who I am for better or for worse. I have no secrets. I always say everything I think and I am not one who can mediate. I am clarity personified and this can be uncomfortable at times. Sunday In it never went as well as last year, with crazy results, despite a very strong counter-programming, I had Maria De Filippi and Silvia Toffanin. It means that the public still loves to follow me. I love my job and it is necessary for my vitality.

What would be a viable alternative to work?

Mara Venier: Being a grandmother and being with my beloved grandchildren. I must say that it is all very surprising. I am the first to wonder but why am I still here? There is a beautiful studio, a wonderful theme song, I’m surrounded by people who love me. This is the most important thing, work with those who love you and then we’ll see. Of course, if I finish I’ll have to start learning to play golf.

Is there a character you would like to interview?

Mara Venier: No. I like to have a very direct relationship with the guest. In the sense that it is useless to follow those who do not want to come. I welcome with love those who want to come to Aunt Mara and believe me that almost everyone wants to come. There are few who say no so that’s okay but I’m not chasing the impossible.

Sunday In 2022-23: presented by Mara Venier and Simona Sala the new edition