• Thank you for following the live text of the Switzerland-Cameroon match. Appointment to the next exciting challenge of these World Cups.1:14 pm

  • In the first match of group G of this World Cup, Switzerland narrowly overcame Cameroon, thanks to a goal by Embolo, born in Cameroon, in the 48th minute, who was forgotten in the area by the opposing defenders and only had to push the splendid invitation from the right into the net by Shaqiri. In the first half, the Lions had multiple chances to break the deadlock, while in the second half it was Switzerland who came close to doubling the lead several times – through Vargas, Embolo again and Seferović – after breaking the deadlock. And, now, the spotlights are on the other match in the group, between Brazil and Serbia, at 8pm. 1:12 pm

  • 90’+7′

    It’s over! At the Al Janoub Stadium in Doha, Switzerland beat Cameroon 1-0, with the decisive goal from Embolo.1:01 pm

  • 90’+6′

    SWITZERLAND CLOSE TO DOUBLING! Seferović breaks free in the area, charges with his left foot, but hits Castelletto right in with Sommer beaten.12:56

  • 90’+5′

    The changes made by Song do not seem to have had the desired effect. Cameroon does not break through.12:55

  • 90’+4′

    Castelletto throws it in, Elvedi slips, luckily Sommer is behind him who catches the ball.12:54

  • 90’+3′

    Swiss lunge. Xhaka launched Okafor on the right, but Tolo outpaced him and regained possession.12:53

  • 90’+1′

    There will be six minutes of recovery. Still 360 seconds for Cameroon hopefuls.12:51

  • 90′

    Another replacement in Switzerland. Cömert takes over Rodríguez. 12:51

  • 89′

    Last assaults of Cameroon. Onana even goes to midfield to set up the maneuver.12:49

  • 83′

    Yellow card also for Akanji who knocks down Anguissa.12:47

  • 82′

    SWISS OPPORTUNITY! New substitute Rieder sent a low cross from the left, Seferović didn’t get there by a matter of centimetres, Nkoudou avoided the worst by taking refuge in a corner.12:46

  • 81′

    Another substitution for Yakin: Vargas out, Rieder in.12:43

  • 81′

    Song changes all the offensive trident by recalling Mbeumo for Ngamaleu.12:42

  • 80′

    Deep launch by Seferović for Vargas, Gouet good at disengagement who defuses the Swiss. The Swiss are unable to exploit the large spaces left by Cameroon.12:41

  • 74′

    The swirl of changes continues. In Cameroon Choupo-Moting makes room for Aboubakar, while Toko Ekambi for Nkoudou. 12:38

  • 71′

    Triple substitution instead in Switzerland: out Embolo, Shaqiri and Sow, in Okafor, Seferović and Frei.12:33

  • 69′

    ANGUISH! From the flag, Zambo Anguissa anticipates by a whisker Embolo ready to serve and keeps Cameroon still in the game.12:29

  • 68′

    First change in Cameroon’s ranks. Song recalls Hongla and throws Ondoua into the fray.half past twelve

  • 68′

    SWISS OPPORTUNITY! Action photocopy of the previous one. Widmer swallows the whole right wing, cross in the center, right by Vargas, but Onana overcomes himself by sending for a corner.12:28

  • 64′

    First booking of the match also for Switzerland. Yellow is for Elvedi who holds on to the Choupo-Moting jersey. 12:25

  • 60′

    Switzerland stretches and now finds ample room for manoeuvre. Embolo frees Vargas on the right, but the Swiss striker gets it all wrong with a completely busted cross.12:20

  • 58′

    CHOUPO-MOTING! The Bayern Munich striker went it alone and tried to do it all by himself entering the area from the right and leaving Akanji in place, but Sommer sacrificed himself, saving for a corner.12:23

  • 56′

    Pushes Switzerland to the right. Shaqiri again in an attempt to free Widmer, but Tolo sinks the tackle well and blocks the restart.12:17

  • 53′

    Cameroon’s reply is ready. Castelletto puts in from the left, but Nkoulou is unable to turn towards Sommer’s goal.12:14

  • 48′

    GOAL! SWITZERLAND-Cameroon 1-0. Embolus! Splendid invitation by Shaqiri from the right to cut the Cameroon area, Embolo all alone has only to push into the net with his right plate. Swiss ahead.12:14

  • 46′

    Shooting begins. It starts again from 0-0 in the first 45 minutes.12:06

  • In the first half of the ‘I would like to, but I can’t’, made up of sterile play, especially by the Swiss, much more courage will be needed on both fronts in a game that is still very open. To see who between Switzerland and Cameroon will find it first. 12:01

  • First half that lived with flare-ups. Low center of gravity and maneuver too slow that of Switzerland that has not managed to find the solution to undermine the organization of the game of Cameroon, well disposed on the field and tidy in the defensive phase. And the Three Lions proved to be more dangerous with Toko Ekambi a couple of times and Hongla, even if towards the end of the first half it was the Swiss who had the clearest opportunity with Akanji, but his spit ended just bottom.11:58

  • 45’+4′

    The first half ends at the Al Janoub Stadium: 0-0 between Switzerland and Cameroon.11:49

  • 45’+1′

    AKANJI! From a corner, Vargas bowls in the middle, Akanji goes up to the sky and heads off, but misses the seven. Mea culpa of Tolo who had lost the marking.11:49

  • 45’+1′

    Two minutes of recovery granted by the Argentine Facundo Tello.11:46

  • 43′

    Attempt from distance by Choupo-Moting who kicks badly with his right foot. Shot blocked by the Swiss defense. The Bayern striker could have done better.11:44

  • 40′

    HELLO! Embolo tries to break into the area from the left, Castelletto chooses the time well and uproots the ball from his feet, putting in a corner. From the flag, crowned by Elvedi, by a whisker to the right of Onana.11:45am

  • 36′

    First yellow of the match. Fai ends up in Facundo Tello’s notebook, too impetuous on Elvedi. 11:39

  • 36′

    CAMEROON OPPORTUNITY! Fai’s ball from the right for Toko Ekambi who arrives in tow, Widmer’s sliding closure was providential.11:37

  • 33′

    Dangerous projection from Switzerland: Vargas’ tense cross from the right, Sow barely gets there. The opportunity for the Swiss team vanishes.11:36

  • 31′

    SHILLS FOR SWITZERLAND! Combination on the right Mbeumo-Hongla, conclusion crossing from the right by the Verona midfielder, Sommer extends and Xhaka prefers not to risk sending the ball for a corner.11:33

  • 27′

    The Three Lions do not let go. Unrealistic conclusion from Fai’s distance, to be forgotten.11:28

  • 23′

    Still Cameroon ahead. Mbeumo sows panic in the Swiss area by jumping three opponents like skittles, but does not release his left foot, the ball to Tolo who is, however, blocked for a corner. 11:26

  • 19′

    Great invention by Xhaka who with a soft launch tries to insert Widmer in the area, a too long ball that gets lost on the back.11:20

  • 16′

    Cameroon still dangerous. Mistake by Akanji who gets jumped by Choupo-Moting, razor left foot and again Sommer to save the result for Switzerland, but also for the Bayern Munich attacker the assistant’s flag was mercilessly raised. 11:19

  • 16′

    Switzerland’s response is ready. Shaqiri crashed for Embolo who, however, had started from an irregular position.11:16

  • 13′

    CAMEROON OPPORTUNITY! Throw from the back for Mbuemo who unloads his left foot, Sommer pushes back to the feet of Toko Ekambi who raises his right plate too much. Lions close to the advantage.11:13

  • 8′

    Punishment in the Swiss trocar for the indomitable Lions, on Tolo’s deep throw the linesman’s flag rises due to an irregular position by Hongla. The game is struggling to take off.11:10

  • 6′

    Switzerland tries to force the maneuver with their midfielders, but Cameroon defends and closes the spaces well.11:06

  • 2′

    First corner kick of the match for Switzerland. Short stroke from Shaqiri’s flag, sweeps Anguissa.11:04

  • Go! Start Switzerland-Cameroon. First ball touched by the Swiss.11:01

  • It’s hymnal time. The notes of the Swiss one echo in the air. It will then be the turn of the Cameroon national anthem.10:57am

  • To direct the match at the Al Janoub Stadium was called the Argentine whistle Facundo Tello.10:51am

  • On the opposite front, however, Song responds with an aggressive 4-3-3, giving Hongla space in the midfield and relegating spearhead Aboubakar to the bench, while Mbeumo and Toko Ekambi will join Choupo Moting in the attack trident. Onana – Fai, Castelletto, Nkoulou, Tolo – Zambo Anguissa, Hongla, Gouet – Mbeumo, Choupo Moting, Toko Ekambi.10:52

  • In Switzerland, Yakin relies on the 4-2-3-1, preferring Elvedi instead of Schar in the back pack: Sommer – Widmer, Akanji, Elvedi, Rodriguez – Freuler, Xhaka – Shaqiri, Sow, Vargas – Embolo.10:42

  • The World Cup for Switzerland and Cameroon also officially begins, the first of the two matches scheduled for today in group G. Brazil-Serbia will follow at 20.00.10:35

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Al Janoub Stadium
    City: Al Wakrah
    Capacity: 40,000 spectators10:35

  • Switzerland – Cameroon: 1-0 World Cup 2022. Final result and commentary on the match – Virgilio Sport