Table tennis (National 3): Le Creusot validates its maintenance with a great victory against Strasbourg

This is excellent news: The table tennis players of the UPCV have validated their maintenance two days from the end. With a 3/3 for Alexandre Molenda. Congratulations to all.

There are days when you have to know how to seize the opportunities that come your way. Not a favorite before the match, they became favorites as soon as the line-ups were announced and did not fail in their mission.
Indeed, if Franck Sulyan (N°683), Florian Hausalter (N°761) and Christophe Housseau (19) are indeed present, the announced opposing number 3, in the person of Vincent Robert (N°792), being retained by professional obligations, is therefore absent and replaced by Benjamin Kieff (14).
Inevitably on paper, the deal changes, and from the outset the meeting immediately seems more balanced.

Is it still necessary to assume it… Something that the reds and blacks will know how to do to perfection!!! From the outset Valentin mastered things against Kieff, winning 3-0, while a surgical Leo, limiting unforced errors, got rid of Hausalter on the same score, setting the tone for an encounter that will never seem to escape them.
First thrills all the same with the match of numbers 1 between Alex Molenda and Franck Sulyan. Manant 2-0 before being caught up in the score, it is indeed captain creusotin who ‘will win 12-10 in the 5th set, to validate the starting break, since Rémi, never too far, never too close to win, will lose 3-1 to Housseau.
Thereafter, the logic will be respected… Léo assures against Kieff, Valentin bows against Hausalter, Alex masters Housseau and Rémi, despite a good battle and points to raise the public, will bow 3-2 at the end of the additional time, against Sulyan.
If you followed well, the score is therefore 5-3 before the doubles. The plan is going off without a hitch so far, and the tactical attempt by the visitors of the day to pocket at least one of the two doubles will also fall through.
Wanting to put their strong double against our weak double, the creusotine counter tactic will pay off since in the end, Alexandre and Rémi will have no trouble getting rid of the Kieff/Housseau pair, while Léo and Valentin, opposing to the opposing N°1 and 2, will win 3-2, admittedly in pain, but bring back the point which almost serves as the point of victory.
The UPCV therefore leads 7-3 before the last 4 games.
But two will suffice! If Léo will not be able to get rid of the clutches of Sulyan, it is Alexandre Molenda who will make it a point of honor to maintain his invincibility, bringing the 8th liberating point, by winning his 9th single out of 9 disputed since the start of the season. , leaving no chance to Hausalter, validating an 8-4 victory, more than deserved !!!

We didn’t know it yet, but this last point is officially the point of maintenance!! The other results of the hen being favorable to us, he cannot mathematically speaking, nothing more happened to us!!! The UPCV will indeed be present in National 3 in January, and we can only rejoice! Once again the public will have had their role to play, a public congratulated afterwards by the adversaries for their fair play, a public which during the next meeting, no doubt about it, in spite of a match without stake, will be still and always present, to celebrate, without any more pressure, a maintenance acquired entirely at home! The reds and blacks will then make it a point of honor to finish the phase undefeated at home, and for the occasion, the legendary drum of the ex or future-ex supporters club will be there!!! Gala match to be planned in 6 days to celebrate and water a successful first part of the season!
And above all, in this month of November, let’s not forget to celebrate a happy birthday to our faithful and eternal judge arbitrator Denis Vernichon, who celebrated his 70th birthday with us this evening and his 20 years as an arbitrator of national matches at Le Creusot!! By his own admission, he will still be here in 10 years, and that’s all we wish for him!! Thanks for everything Dennis! For the plates and the meal that you will have offered us this evening, but above all for your joy of living, your unconditional loyalty to the club!

(Photos Alain BOLLERY
and Roland DOUARRE)

The game sheet:

UPCV 1 : Alexandre Molenda (N°666), Léo Rozier (20), Rémi Perret (19), Valentin Commeau (18)
Strasbourg 1 : Franck Sulyan (No. 683), Florian Hausalter (No. 761), Christophe Housseau (19), Benjamin Kieff (14)

  • Alexandre Molenda defeats Sulyan 3-2, Housseau 3-1 and Hausalter 3-0.
  • Léo Rozier beats Hausalter 3-0 and Kieff 3-0, loses Sulyan 3-1.
  • Rémi Perret loses Housseau 3-1 and Sulyan 3-2.
  • Valentin Commeau beats Kieff 3-0, loses Hausalter 3-0.
  • Alexandre Molenda/Rémi Perret beat Kieff/Housseau 3-0.
  • Léo Rozier/Valentin Commeau beat Hausalter/Sulyan 3-2.


Table tennis (National 3): Le Creusot validates its maintenance with a great victory against Strasbourg