Taddeo the explorer and the emerald table, a great adventure that will please the little ones

Back on the big screen for a new exciting adventure Taddeo the explorer, the character of the bungling archaeologist based on the Spanish comic book Tadeo Jones, is making his third appearance at the cinema, again under the direction of Enrique Gato. With the protagonist we find the characters of Sara, Mummy, Jeff and Belzoni who will be joined by new friends and new rivals.

Taddeo the explorer and the emerald tablet, the plot

Taddeo Jones, former protagonist of “The adventures of Taddeo the explorer” (2012) and “Taddeo the explorer and the secret of King Midas” (2017), returns from 22 September to the screens of Italian cinemas with the third film “Taddeo the Explorer and the Emerald Tablet ”distributed by Eagle Pictures. The film makes us find the bungling archaeologist struggling with excavations in South America where, obviously by chance, due to a series of fortuitous circumstances, he comes across a mysterious Egyptian sarcophagus inside an Inca tomb. He does not have time to communicate this discovery that combines another woe and is hunted by the team of archaeologists at work in the excavation who, of course, enjoy the honors and glory by taking the authorship of that unusual discovery. But that’s just the beginning. Because Taddeo, having returned to Chicago, will be able to combine an even bigger one, damaging the precious sarcophagus and thus attracting a terrible curse on his friend Mummy, on the dog Jeff and on the Belzoni parrot, to undo which it is necessary to find a magic table soaked in power from a great wizard 4000 before and with enormous destructive potential. But finding the emerald table will be an arduous task that will take Taddeo, and all the other characters, from one end of the world to the other until you reach the final goal, between mysteries, chases, disguises, puzzles to be solved, new friends and new enemies.

Taddeo and the emerald table, an engaging mix of action, mystery and comedy

An engaging film, full of action and mysteries to be revealed, which in 90 minutes makes the viewer fly in four of the most different corners of the world, telling a story that has the charm of the great suggestion of the myths of the past and the overwhelming rhythm of a race against time to save a friend’s life.
“Taddeo and the emerald table” brings us back to the screen some of the characters we already know from previous films: Taddeo, Sara, Mummy, Jeff, Benzoni and other new ones, such as Victoria Moon and Ra-Mon-Ah who launch themselves in search of a mysterious tablet made in ancient Egypt by a powerful magician, an instrument to awaken spirits, diabolical creatures and spells, but also the only hope of freeing Mummy from the curse that struck him.

The film is beautiful to see thanks to the evocative settings, full of rhythm and also of many moments of comedy. The focus of this adventure is on the desire to have recognition: Taddeo wants to be recognized as a great archaeologist, Victoria Moon wants to be recognized as an investigator of the unknown and the forgotten Ra-Mon-Ah wants to be recognized as a Guineafowl, too. if it was only for three days. A desire, in particular that of Taddeo, which becomes the engine of the whole story and which, until the end, will keep him on the thin line that separates good and evil,
personal ambition and the salvation of a friend. An original and very current theme that is proposed in a very enjoyable package that will entertain both the youngest and the oldest spectators who have loved the adventures of the archaeologist who clearly inspired Taddeo, Indiana Jones. A perfect film for an afternoon at the cinema with the whole family.

Rating: 7

Taddeo the explorer and the emerald table, a great adventure that will please the little ones