Talk about Spain to not talk about Madrid

Let’s say we are talking about Madrid. Not from Sánchez, but from Ayuso. And not from the Government of Spain, but from the Community of Madrid. This is not about, no matter how hard MAR tries, nor about the “Le Pen of the European left”, nor about false blows against the king, nor about independence, nor about lies about attempts to imprison the opposition. This is simply about health investment, doctors, nurses, undiagnosed patients and a chaotic reopening of out-of-hospital emergencies that the Madrid rulers want to supply with telecare. It is also, of course, about a regional president who talks about Spain not to talk about the state of her region and who hides behind insult and infamy to camouflage an astonishing reality that has outraged users of public health.

Ayuso has a problem. Actually, he has more. But, six months before regional elections, the health it is without a doubt the one that can exploit him at the polls. Higher towers have fallen victim to arrogance, which is an act of self-affirmation with which others are usually despised, either because they are undervalued, despised or directly insulted. Something that the Madrid president practices too often against her political opponents.

A review of the data is enough to know what public health professionals are talking about. Madrid is among the four Autonomous Communities with the lowest health spending per inhabitant. It is the third region with fewer Primary Care nurses per inhabitant and the fourth with fewer family doctors. There are 4 times fewer outpatient emergency physicians per inhabitant than in the rest of Spain (3.87 vs 16.59). In 2019, there were 527 emergency physicians in Primary Care and in 2021, there were 260.

Madrid faces a demonstration in defense of public health next Sunday and has been dragging an indefinite strike of doctors for days. and all because the new plan for the reopening of out-of-hospital emergencies -80 open centers with half the staff- has caused a serious crisis in Primary Care. The last one cost the position of today’s Minister of Finance, Javier Fernández Lasquetty, who in 2014, being head of Health and after several attempts to privatize health management, had to resign in the face of social outrage. Curiously, it is today who decides how many public positions for doctors are put out to tender.

With the new plan for the reopening of out-of-hospital emergencies, professionals have seen their destinations and work shifts disrupted, many of the centers have not been able to open due to lack of equipment and even doctors to care for patients. But, between insulting Pedro Sánchez and chaining slogans trumpists, Ayuso has only had time to blame the health workers, accuse them of organizing a boycott, compare the demonstration called for Sunday with the mobilizations against the invasion of Iraq, reduce the reason for the conflict to the fact that 34 doctors are missing and provide a magical solution and future video consultation. And it is that the tenant of Sol maintains that this is not about Health, but about activism. That doctors, nurses, guards and patients have no reason to complain and that all of them, in their mental framework, are a bunch of reds, independentists and pro-ETA members who follow the slogans of Pedro Sánchez.

To the indomitable baroness, who is beginning to cause fatigue among the new leadership of the PP, both for her boutades as for his efforts to make Feijóo his next victim, they should not have explained to him that, no matter how strong he is in the polls and how clueless the Madrid left may be, there is a factor of unpredictability that accompanies any electoral process. In other words: that elections are always open. A scandal, a bad statement, a confrontation with a strategic sector, a lousy management or a personality that exudes arrogance can end anyone’s political career. Ayuso first faced the taxi drivers and now he does the same with the toilets. Bad business.

Talk about Spain to not talk about Madrid