It may seem like a gamble to define this challenge with a look at the playoffs but after the latest performances of Taranto and Potenza and, considering the current ranking, so short and so close between the various teams, dreaming of something more for both teams does not it seems so absurd. Of course, we must always stay on track and think that new missteps can bring two teams back to quicksand but now is the time to be more daring for the Apulian rossoblù jonic and for the rossoblù lucani. The latest performances have given confidence to both environments. Taranto risked a lot against Cerignola, suffering a lot in the second half but the great ability to know how to fight and know how to stay on the piece allowed the Apulian rossoblù to take home an important point. It should be considered that Taranto has major staff problems due to continuous injuries and difficulties for Mr. Capuano in often deploying a competitive eleven on the field. The great hope of the club is to bring people back to the stadium which for some days has been experiencing a real desertion by the fans in open war against society. The latest performances should bring back the enthusiasm and desire of Taranto in the Ionian cheering but that spark does not seem to have taken off again yet. The Potenza, for its part, is conquering its audience with good performances apart from the less positive one against Pescara. Above all, the victory against Turris gave new conviction to the Lucanians ready to arrive in Taranto with a fighting spirit and the desire to play it all the way to bring home precious points that would allow the rossoblù of Seville to hook the precious play off train. It would be the same for Taranto if they were to confirm themselves as a team from home games as in the last three games played at Iacovone they have won as many victories. In the preceding Iacovone thirteen wins for Taranto, four draws and three wins for Potenza.

HERE TARANTO. Compared to the match against Cerignola, Mr. Capuano recovers Labriola and Diaby also returns to the squad. Of course there are still many defections. In any case, the anti-Potenza line-up should be good or bad similar to that of Cerignola with the exception of Raicevic who should start alongside Guida in the attack tandem. In midfield, Labriola returns to the control room together with the two Romanos

HERE POWER. It is a power that has worked hard during the week and that shows up in Taranto with a line-up that is certainly not buttoned up. Always in front of the usual three strikers with the former Emmausso and Caturano ready to hurt and put the Ionian rearguard in difficulty. In midfield Sandri always tries to give quality and dynamism. In defense, the keys of the department entrusted to Legittimo

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Here are the probable formations of the two teams that will face each other today at Iacovone with direct news on TuttoC.com starting at 17.10:

TARANTO (3-5-2): Vannucchi; Manetta, Antonini, Evangelisti; Mastromonaco, Labriola, C. Romano, A. Romano, Ferrara; Guide, Raicevic. Available: Loliva, Martorel, Granata, Vona, La Monica, Maiorino, Infantino, Formiconi, Diaby, Labriola. Annex Eziolino Capuano

POWER (4-3-3): Gasparini; Gyamfi, Legitimate, Celesia, Rillo; Del Pinto, Sandri, Talia; Caturano, Emmausso, Di Grazia. Available: Grapes, Armini, Laaribi, Logoluso, Riccardi, Steffè, Verrengia, Volpe, Masella, Schimmenti, Belloni, Del Sole. Annex Sebastiano Seville

Referee: Mr. Mattia Caldera from Como; Lipari / Fratello assistants. Fourth man Mr. Domenico Mirabella of Naples


Taranto-Potenza, challenge with an eye on the playoffs. The probable formations – calciowebpuglia