Taurus, what’s wrong with Radonjic? After the stop is Miranchuk

TURIN – From Maradonjic mister nobody is a moment, especially in a football that rules for better or for worse within a few weeks. The real search for Nemanja Radonjic, at this moment, must be only one: that of balance. It doesn’t mean caging the immense talent that blindfolded goddess gave him, but making his quality always functional to the team. Continuing to make a difference is the step the Serbian needs to become a credible player. So far, his career has spoken clearly: it is a meteor and as such his appearances are rare, while his disappearances are frequent. Toro can change him, but the match against Sassuolo again risks plunging him into his usual flaws, vices that he can’t shake off. Of the night with the neroverdi there remains a screaming backheel in the first half, but also a masterfully conducted action in which he takes the Sassuolo right-wing chain for a walk and which sets the whole stadium on fire. Then, nothing. He has an iron alibi: playing next to Dry in front, therefore out of position and with movements to attack the depth that do not belong to him, he has lost his way. The project of Ivan Yuric to bend the neroverde defense in this way failed miserably, with the protagonists all forced to succumb in front of an obviously wrong game plan, net of the boredom experienced by Andrew Councils at the Grande Torino.

Radonjic’s involution

Radonjic forgives himself, especially after Sassuolo in which everyone showed signs of decline, but he too will have to take responsibility over time. He can no longer be a player who turns on and off without logic, but the element that allows the Bull to get out of trouble thanks to his quality. In the first few outings, the left chain grenade claimed victims in every game, now the powders are wet. The imminent return of Alexey Miranchuk can increase competitiveness on the frontline: Radonjic has the task of raising the level. Technical, tactical, mental and above all physical: in recent years he has never been central to any project. After his farewell to Red Star in 2018, the playmaker born in ’96 scored twice in Marseille, with Herta Berlin and also with Benfica. Talent badly wasted, between physical problems and a regularity never found. Juric welcomed him with open arms in the summer, despite Radonjic coming from years of pitch darkness. Without prejudices, indeed relying on the references of Walter Sabatini, who brought him to Rome when he was very young. Thus Nemanja began to amaze almost immediately: with Palermo in the Italian Cup, then in Monza and Cremona in the league. Goals, assists, plays that drove the grenade people crazy, but now the nightmares of the past are back in the news. He didn’t have an impact against Inter and with Sassuolo he finished his game walking, without that frenzied pace that Juric asks of him. He must put more intensity, more concentration, more malice: without these elements he will go back into oblivion. Radonjic has everything to emerge and can return to it when he wants. Miranchuk’s return will be an extra stimulus: in training there will be a fight for a starting shirt. People dream of seeing Maradonjic again, without having to settle for sporadic magic.

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Confused bull, without schemes or stimuli: all the reasons for the defeat against Sassuolo

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Taurus, what’s wrong with Radonjic? After the stop is Miranchuk