Tense climate for Black Friday in Barcelona

Falling purchases, fewer jobs and still high inflation. This year, Black Friday is synonymous with doubt for businesses in Barcelona. The weather is not in his favour. A bad for a good ?

If there were to be a single word to define Black Friday 2022, it would be “uncertain”. The success of this pre-Christmas period is never entirely predictable, but this year, there is indeed a hypothesis. And she’s not one of the best. For a bunch of reasons.

Inflation drives down spending

Inflation is still being felt in this month of November. Food is experiencing its strongest rise in almost 30 years. The cost of energy remains very high. Results ? Expenses are measured. And compulsive spending, which businesses rely on for Black Friday, takes a back seat. In this context, the campaign for this discount period, started by some in early November, is showing signs of fatigue. Credit cards do not come out of the wallet and profits for businesses are scarce.

Logical, according to the price comparison Idealo. A Black Friday survey finds shoppers spending much lower than last year. Less than €200 on average, compared to €271 in 2021. And according to Idealo, 41% of consumers would simply not intend to buy. Other surveys nuance and think that buyers will indeed be there. But one observation is unanimous: they will spend less.

Fewer Black Friday and Christmas jobs

With all this downward momentum, the flip side is for employment. However, it was off to a good start. The platform Infojobs announced 18% job offers compared to 2021 for Black Friday, often extended for Christmas. Especially for logistics, purchasing and customer service. Then, tumble.

The interim boxes Randstad Research and Adecco, they have precisely calculated a drop in recruitment over these two periods. Because of the labor reform against mini-jobs, but also the lack of activity. The economic climate at the end of the year is really not conducive to employment.

Towards a return to tradition?

Despite everything, shops and shopping centers in Barcelona remain hopeful. Promotions can only be welcome in the face of declining purchasing power. The weather also seems to be playing in their favor with temperatures starting to drop. And opposite, stocks of winter clothing, complete, and ready to be sold thanks to the sales. Some even believe in figures that could equal those of 2019, thanks also to tourism.

The optimism is not lost. Especially since according to the Idealo survey, 90% of Black Friday purchases are spontaneous anyway. For this, the key to success in 2022 could be in high discounts over a short period of time. A bad for a good. Whether for small businesses, sometimes forced to follow the trend of failing their finances. But also for the event as such. Because traditionally, Black Friday as it was born in the United States, lasts only one day, the fourth Friday of November.

Black Friday in Barcelona

Tense climate for Black Friday in Barcelona