by Federico Bobbi

«The match in Bari? It will happen to find opponents who put you on the ropes in a championship level like this year, the public is something that gives you greater strength but the team defended without worries and with order. We met a strong and angry team as it came from three defeats, Ternana played the match she had to do, perhaps missing a bit in the offensive phase. Matches like these help to grow and must give awareness of the fact that even in a day that is not too positive you can achieve a result »Thus the red-green coach Cristiano Lucarelli on the eve of the match against Spal, scheduled for tomorrow at 2.00 pm. «Tomorrow we will meet a team that has recently changed coaches and with different dynamics, there will be players who want to show themselves in the eyes of the new coach. We will face a difficult module for us, they will probably play with two strikers. Spal is one of those teams that can fight for the top spots without any problems ».

The Donnarumma ‘case’ In recent days, the Donnarumma prosecutor has threatened the player’s escape if he does not have the space he thinks he deserves. «To everything that is external to the Ternana family – declares the technician – I don’t have to give answers. With Alfredo I spoke earlier about these statements in a frank way as always, I assume that everyone thinks that he makes the choices from game to game by choosing the best elements in reference to the opponent on duty. If I had to choose especially Defendi, Paghera and Proietti out of sympathy, they would always play owners because I love them as if they were my children but it is also necessary to make professional choices without getting caught up in ties. The same player made statements in which he said that certain matches did not facilitate his characteristics, we have other players with those qualities then maybe tomorrow will be another game and we will need him. My intelligence and my professionalism must put me in the conditions tonight to make the choices without giving weight to the rest, the old-fashioned Lucarelli would have had no doubts. For me there is only Ternana Calcio 1925 and I pursue its interests. I am fortunate to have many high-level players in that role, I was clear from day one by saying that I cannot guarantee the walled jersey on to anyone. I consider Ternana a great company and a great team with an ambitious president who can afford to have fierce competition in every role. I think the contacts with the outside are more about the club, then maybe now we think about the game but during the week I will ask him directly what he thinks and he will have to take a position. On the basis of that, I will also make my evaluations ».

The other elements «We have Pettinari who is returning and rightly wants to claim space, then Favilli who in five hundred minutes scored four goals plus one canceled in Modena and another who is practically his in the match at Cittadella. There are some dynamics on the pitch: for example, I consider Martella a starter but then he got hurt, Corrado took over and he is carving out an important space for himself. The skill of a coach is to take advantage of the positive moments of the players, the time will always come to let someone catch their breath. I know my players, I see them every day and I know that when they are called upon they always play theirs. We know from day one that the only problem that could come up was this. We watch over the balance in the locker room because we have neither Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Maradona, Ronaldo the phenomenon or Roberto Baggio. We need the group to make the results, if selfishness begins to emerge it becomes more complicated and at that point we need to intervene. Who pushes plays, I don’t know a coach who lets someone play in order not to win a match ».

The processes of growth and duel with De Rossi «It will be a different race both in terms of form and attitude, we could also make some changes compared to Bari. Two home games? You know that I think game by game, it’s not even good to look beyond your nose. Apart from the environmental aspect of ‘San Nicola’, I think it is easier to play outside than at home. Match like last Friday or in Modena make you grow, every week you have to take a step forward. In football you work hard for a few daily improvements. Since we arrived we are always trying to improve then in the growth process we have also taken some muses and we always take into consideration how bad they are. In my opinion we still have ample room for improvement. De Rossi has always had the label of future captain even if he had to wait a while because Francesco (Totti, ed) didn’t want to stop. As a coach over the years he has been associated with many benches, now he is at his first real chance. He is a good guy and very intelligent, seeing him play has always given the feeling of being a coach. From tomorrow at 17.00 I wish him all the best in this world, I expect an interesting race where we will have to have great patience because we can also come out in the last part. Our goal is to score points even when it’s a bad day and stay there as close as possible until March when the championship is decided ».

Ternana-Spal, Lucarelli with his head held high towards a challenge with De Rossi. On the Donnarumma case: “I choose”