TFC: facing Strasbourg, the film almost ended badly

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Leading 2-0 on the hour mark, the Violets scuttled themselves by being reduced to 10. They could even have lost in added time. The learning of the L1 continues after this draw (2-2) as part of the twelfth day of the French Championship Sunday, October 23 at the Stadium.

Funny frame. For once, let’s start at the end… Footballers are used to saying that a match lasts 96min. Yesterday afternoon, again in a great atmosphere, the highlight of the show occurred at the 93e. Magneto. Corner of Racing, ball which sails until in 5m50, Rouault and Le Marchand rush; the Toulousain emerges and the Strasbourgeois collapses. VAR. The referee, Mr. Stinat, moves to view the action and he returns to the field indicating a six meters.

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The purple people take a deep breath, the Alsatian coach gets angry. “We should have benefited from a penalty in stoppage time, we are refused it. For lack of courage. And this is not the first time that it has happened to us! We are very nice, there it is too much: the club deserves more respect… When there is a penalty, it must be whistled whether it is in the first or last minute of play, at home or away, in numerical superiority or inferiority. Stinat at the final whistle. He told me white was touching the ball, so there was no foul. He didn’t look comfortable… If I’m afraid to be sanctioned, wonders Julien Stéphan. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s for the good of Racing…”

Same version, unequivocally, from Maxime Le Marchand: “It’s a scandal, claims the central, and I weigh my words. I limp, I was hit in the calf.”

“The contact is not intentional”

And the culprit in all this? “He comes behind my back, I don’t see him coming; I play the ball and it is sure that there is contact, specifies Anthony Rouault, but it is not intentional.” To close the loop, the Téféciste coach gets away with a pirouette: “I am 90m away from the debates, so apart from having a lynx eye…” Before adding, more pragmatically: “We have no power over the refereeing decisions… I don’t lose energy. If I was scared during the video assistance? No, because we players in the game are powerless. We are waiting for the verdict.”

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That is to say the correctional that the TFC came close to in a “curious” end of the meeting to quote Philippe Montanier again from where he would have been indeed nerd to come out empty-handed. Not saving this point from a draw, in short. Because, thanks to a corner – decidedly – ​​and a winning combination van den Boomen-Nicolaisen-Rouault (1-0, 43rd) then a school action shift-centre set back-flat with the safety foot of the VdB-Desler-Dejaegere trio (2-0, 54th), the Toulouse team were heading for a second victory in a row – which would have been a first. And a fourth consecutive success at the Stadium. Yes, but here it is, Rasmus Nicolaisen’s left elbow went through there… 73e minute, the hour of the crime (cf. The Buts below).

The Scandinavian, arms… in the dish

Triple sanction for the great Dane: yellow, the second (the first where he won everything was already orange), hence red, and penalty (2-2, 73rd). While, in the meantime, Mothiba had reduced the score on a transition (2-1, 65th).

“Two goals in eight minutes, admits Brecht Dejaegere, that put us a little blow on the head. It’s a shame not to have been able to win. Above all, regrets the Belgian captain, given our schedule between now and truce [à Lens vendredi, vs Monaco, à Rennes].” At the mine, Toulouse…

The description of the goals

43e : corner taken by van den Boomen; at the far post, Rasmus Nicolaisen headed in the 5m50 where Anthony Rouault fell from the right into the back of the net (1-0).
54e : launched by van den Boomen, right flank, Mikkel Desler sends a cross back to the penalty spot; everyone is taken from behind, except Brecht Dejaegere who does not need to be asked to finish the job by shooting Matz Sels (2-0).
65e : on a counter-attack, Ronaël Pierre-Gabriel serves Lebo Mothiba ideally, whose header, uncrossed, bursts into the left side netting (2-1).
73e : on a long innocuous ball, struggling with Mothiba, Nicolaisen misses his head clearance towards Dupé, stumbles and, falling, touches the leather with his left arm. penalty. Kevin Gameiro transforms in two strokes (2-2).


TFC: facing Strasbourg, the film almost ended badly