The 10 Most Disappointing Players In The NBA’s First Month

Kyrie Irving, Rudy Gobert, Klay Thompson… some have disappointed beyond the track and others are still waiting for them on the court

Gobert, Thompson and Irving some of the biggest disappointments of the NBA season so far for different reasons

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It is as true that the NBA season is long as that the best league in the world does not wait for anyone and he has such a short memory that those who not so long ago drove the crowd crazy now have not offered what is expected of them for a long time. No fit in his new team, lack of consistency, inappropriate posts on social media For one reason or another they have not met expectations in the first month of the competition. These have been the most disappointing players so far.

gobert rudy


Rudy Gobert

Path of one of the ‘bluffs’ of summer

The three times Best Defender in the NBA deserves all the respect but the truth is that for the moment he opposes one of the ‘bluffs’ in terms of stellar additions of the summer, in his case as a new piece of Minnesota Timberwolveswho have so far seen how the impact of putting two ‘ogres’ together in painting as Karl Anthony Towns and the French has not been such. Gobert’s traditional stats aren’t that different from last year, despite the fact that with the same playing time, he scores, rebounds and blocks less (13.6 points, 12.6 sacks and 1.4 blocks), in addition to having for the first time a plus-minus (-1.8) and a negative Net Rating (-1.2) for the first time since his season of ‘rookie’.

In addition, his offensive performance has dropped a lot (from an offensive rating of 114 to 105). Not so much the defensive one (from 104 to 106), although Joel Embiid He made it clear in the Sixers-Wolves on Saturday that not even in what Gobert has done so differentially in the NBA is not good. The Eurobasket and its disappointing role in the final -also due to the plan of Sergio Scariolo and the precise execution of his players-seem to have left their mark on him.



Kyrie Irving

Too much noise off the track

Despite being less fine than usual on the perimeter (31%) Kyrie Irving is the usual on the track, explosive, voracious, differencel, see his 19 third-quarter points on the Raptors-Nets last game (29 total). It so happens that, one more season, his off-court actions interfere with his basketball and his fatal impulse to promote an anti-Semitic film has cost him to lose himself. eight gamesalmost half of those disputed so far after only being able to take part in 29 last year because of the vaccine issue. In addition, it seems that his absence has done some good brooklyn nets that they have achieved during his punishment what they had not achieved with him: a positive win-loss balance (5-3).



Ben Simmons

An obvious improvement to be confirmed

He has offered several clear signs of improvement but a few good games as well as some knee discomfort They do not excuse a more than discreet performance in the first month of competition, in which he has missed some appointments due to that injury. Much more is expected of him in all facets, in directing and also in scoring despite the fact that it has never been his forte (8.6 points, 6.5 rebounds and 6 assists with a plus-minus of -0 ,6). the lack of a pivot of guarantees on the Nets roster they can also help him show off his virtues at ‘5’ as he has already done. He is already reaching his best level but now he must maintain it.

However, however the season ends, it is unjustifiable that in this year that he has been without competing he has not bothered in the least to improve his threw. Although you can shine without scoring en masse, as is the case, all or most great players take advantage of long breaks to improve weak points or incorporate new elements into their game. But, Ben Simmons, no.



klay thompson

A good game doesn’t fix everything

A superb performance like the one he left against the Rockets -with 41 points, the best since he returned from his serious double injury-, is not enough, and less for a player of Klay’s category, to bury an irregular season for the moment. His scoring and accuracy numbers (17.3 points, 39% from field goals, 38% from three-pointers and 80% from free throws) are acceptable except for field goals but the worst so far of his career. But beyond that, they are also the sensations that he transmits, above all, next to his partner in misdeeds, better Stephen Curry never. The Warriors need him more than ever to put aside the inconsistency of this start of the season once and for all.



Jordan Poole

Very scattered since renovation

The ‘advanced student’ of the ‘Splash Brothers’, the young man who, at his 23 years It must be a model for the new generation, it is not so much. As if his millionaire renewal had filled his head with ‘little birds’, the escort is scattered, taking bad decisions in the parquet, clueless in the defensive rotations and with a setback in all the shooting sections, in those from the field (40.7% compared to almost 45% last year), in triples (31% vs 36%) and in free throws (92% vs 84% ). His scoring average has not dropped so much -from 18.5 points to 15.7) but the abysmal difference both in the plus-minus (+4.3 and -4.9) and in the Net Rating (+6.6 vs. at -9.3) they leave him in evidence. Especially after confirming in the Finals last year, much more is expected of him.



james wiseman

Failure to meet expectations and punishment

Performance so low that he’s not even in the NBA anymore, sent by Steve Kerr to the subsidiary of the G-League to improve and ‘reflect’. After a good first year as a ‘rookie’ and after missing the entire past season due to injury, the expectations around the young center of 21 years andThey were enormous but he seems to have felt overwhelmed by them, lost on the court and with a negative impact on the game that his 6.8 points and 3.8 rebounds in 13 minutes do not show, but his plus-minus (-6.6) does. Y a net rating below zero by a lot (-24). Kerr didn’t even call him for Monday’s game against the Pelicans, in which the Warriors coach rested the starters. The thing is serious.



kendrick nunn

Waiting for the Lakers’ ‘best’ shooter

He was aiming to be in the starting five for the Lakers, to be the shooter that a team so lacking in outside threat needed, but nothing at all to date. It is true that he came from an injury but what should have been one of the additions of the summer has not convinced him in the short time in which he has been on the floor, with 14 minutes on average, 5.6 points and 29% in triples that is far from the 38% of his last campaign with Miami. Until Russell Westbrookwith more attempts per game (4 against Nunn’s 2.7) is more accurate from long distance (33%).

Jonas Valanciunas scores over his defender in the win against Clippers. NBAE (Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)


Jonas Valanciunas

Under the negative effect of the Eurobasket

same case as Ben Simmons, an improvement to be confirmed. His progression in recent games has been remarkable -22 points in two of the last four-, with, above all, significant progress in what is failing this season, shooting, combining good series with other horrible ones. In the four recent appointments, he has been especially accurate in the launches (26/35). Given the loss of minutes compared to last year (from 30 to 23 to go from 17.8 to 13.7 points on average), with the rise of Nance Jr., he cannot sleep. It seems that the negative effect of the eurobasketballfrom which he left with a very roomy sensation after his teammate, Willy Hernangomez‘wet his ear’ in the paint.



Evan Fournier

loss of relevance

Another European ‘classic’ that the Eurobasket seems to have been bad for. The present season looks better for the new york knicks than last but not so for the Frenchman, in his worst numbers since his ‘rookie’ season, with 20 minutes of play and 7 points, 2 rebounds and 1.7 assists for a plus-minus of -3.7 and a Net Rating of -8.3. The arrival of jalen brunsontogether with the good work of RJ Barrett make the minutes in the ‘backcourt’ of the New York franchise expensive, although the first on the exit ramp is Derrick Rose.

Joshua Primo, currently free agent


Joshua Cousin

Impulses that take their toll

If Irving, even at his usual level, has missed a handful of games due to his attitudes off the field, we must also mention Joshua Primo, who has only played 4 games before being cut at the end of October by the san antonio spurs. First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that his case is much more serious than that of a Kyrie Irving who has also already restored the damage done.

His exposure repeatedly naked before Spurs employees has cost the number 12 in the 2021 draft, among other consequences, to see his progression in the NBA interrupted, a complete unknown what will end up happening with him. He has not acknowledged his fault but the fact that the Texas franchise has decided to collaborate with his former psychologist, Hillary Cauthenafter suing the player and the franchise itself, give even more credibility to Cauthen’s version, before whom Primo would have undressed 9 times.

But even worse is Miles Bridgeswhich crossed the red line of gender violence in July despite what has aroused the interest of lakers the one who has played so far in the Charlotte Hornets, a restricted free agent at the moment.

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