The AEW dressing room sets a condition for the return of CM Punk

CM Punk has once again become one of the main news in professional wrestling. Dave Meltzer released the bombshell very recently: Tony Khan is in dialogue with him, but it is most likely that AEW has to buy him the almost two years remaining on his contractand thus send it home with a non-compete clause that prevent you from fighting in WWE.

However, Meltzer was clear in explaining that There is a small chance that things will change and the former AEW World Heavyweight Champion will return to the company. Everything remains to be seen, but, for now, the option that is most likely to happen is that Punk ends up leaving through the back door of All Elite Wrestling, although with more than 6 million dollars in his pocketas it was recently reported that his annual salary would be just over $3 million.

CM Punk as AEW World Heavyweight Champion after beating Jon Moxley at the AEW All Out 2022 PPV (04/09/2022) / / AEW

► CM Punk is currently well loved by his colleagues at AEW

Now, Wade Keller from Pro Wrestling Torch has issued a report where he assures that, after speaking with people within AEW, they assured that almost no one inside the AEW dressing room would vote for CM Punk to return to the company. This was his report:

«I spoke with three high-level people in AEW in the last few days. I asked them how a vote would go in the AEW locker room, where wrestlers were asked if they wanted CM Punk back. One person said it wouldn’t do very well.

“Another person said that he thinks it is possible that CM Punk did not get a single vote in his favor. And someone else says that he would have votes in favor, but not many. For me personally, based on conversations I’ve had over the last few weeks with others within AEW, I think yes it would obtain some votes to favor.

CM Punk and Tony Khan
CM Punk and Tony Khan

«The three people with whom I have just spoken in recent days, are people of the greatest influence and large, prominent figures within that AEW locker room. I think you can already see how things are going for CM Punk in AEW and I think if Punk ever wrestled again, It would not necessarily do well in either of the two places, neither in WWE nor in AEW.

“And I think everything Right now it’s up to Tony Khan to consider. Of course, I still believe that it would be much more possible for Punk to return to WWE now with Paul Levesque in charge, than with Vince McMahon, but I think the people in Triple H’s sphere of influence, i would reject it«.

Along the same lines as what Keller says is a report by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Selectwho claims that «Various fighters and talents behind the scenes of AEW, They pointed out that they were not interested in working in the same dressing room as CM Punk.

However, it is surprising because it gives a glimmer of hope again by reporting that the fighters will ensure that “If CM Punk makes significant amends after his actions at the press conference after the PPV All Out 2022 «, yes they could work with him again and accept that he return to the companyto be in the same dressing room as them.

AEW DYNAMITE August 10, 2022

Finally, Dave Meltzer pointed out in the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletterthat there is an internal anti-CM Punk feeling in AEWand that there is animosity against the born in Chicago, Illinois:

“The feeling among most AEW fighters, not all of them, but most of them, it was a decidedly anti-Punk sentiment. Between the promo that Adam Page gave on television, being in general ‘Hangman’ someone very loved and popular among fighters, and what CM Punk said about him at the press conference after All Out 2022, where he pointed out that ‘Page had never done anything in the wrestling industry’it must be said that Punk has lost points.

«Especially, in this that he said that Page, because many considered that that phrase made AEW see as if AEW meant nothing in the world of professional wrestling. This, because Page has been one of the main stars of AEW since day one, and headlined three of the most successful PPV shows of the brand, and probably, was in the best fight in AEW history: The Young Bucks vs. Kenny Omega and Adam Page. The fight between CM Punk, Ace Steel and The Young Bucks, in general, also made the whole company look bad.

CM Punk

The AEW dressing room sets a condition for the return of CM Punk