The AIA Section of Lecce entitled to the Memory of Daniele De Santis

The AIA Section of Lecce entitled to the Memory of Daniele De Santis

Section of Lecce

Emotion, intense emotions, great sharing and a sense of community characterized the Naming Ceremony of the AIA Section of Lecce to the unforgettable associate Daniele De Santis, cruelly deprived of the affection of his loved ones and deprived of a brilliant refereeing career, held yesterday, 21 September , the day of the second anniversary of his tragic death together with his beloved Eleonora.

The event took place in the sectional rooms in the presence of the National President of the AIA Alfredo Trentalange, the Member of the AIA National Committee Stefano Archinà, the President of the FIGC Regional Committee Vito Tisci, the President of the Puglia Regional Committee Nicola Favia , of the Mayor of Lecce Carlo Salvemini, of the Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Lecce Paolo Foresio, of the Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic Elsa Valeria Mignone, of the President of the US Lecce Saverio Sticchi Damiani remotely and of other authorities of the AIA, from the world sports and institutional.

Previously, the celebration of a Holy Mass was held in the Church of St. Maximilian Kolbe, officiated by Bishop Michele Seccia who in his homily underlined how for their tragic epilogue, an example of the struggle between good and evil in our life, Daniele and Eleonora can be approached to the human story of Christ, in which the Cross, Altar, Resurrection represent a reason for conversion to good. Finally, he invited the faithful “to pray so that the awareness of these events becomes the meaning of life in a perspective of hope of industriousness and redemption from evil”.

After the plate with the new title was discovered, the ceremony began, introduced by the sectional President Paolo Prato who, after greeting those present, highlighted how Daniele represents “a heritage not only of the Lecce Section, but of the entire family arbitration, and the will of the entire sectional assembly to name the Section after him was originated from the desire that his memory always remain alive and vivifying also for the future of the young referees “.

In their successive interventions the Mayor Salvemini, the Councilor Foresio, the President Sticchi Damiani and the deputy prosecutor Mignone intended to express the closeness of the Lecce community and the US Lecce to the AIA, recalling how Daniele can represent, in particular for young people , an example not only sporting and human and that his memory must mean a present that will never cease to pass. President Sticchi Damiani also revealed that having met Daniele, even if indirectly, gave him a different attitude towards the arbitration class and our association defined as “a virtuous corporation of talents”. The magistrate Elsa Valeria Mignone in the dual role of mother and investigator gave Daniele a judgment of “fulfilled and happy son, normal and smiling for his happiness” which gave rise to “a strong empathy among the investigators for which he is always present in their hearts “.

Vito Tisci emphasized even more than Daniele his value as an example of respectability, willpower, respect, altruism, his sensitivity, the determination of a boy who wanted to realize his dream of arriving in Serie A.

Nicola Favia praised the President Prato for having given “a soul to every corner of the Section”, he indicated, through Daniele’s memory, of having to pursue the need to always open new horizons, to know how to look to the future, to always enhance the sense of community to be placed side by side with that of humanity that must characterize belonging to the AIA. “Daniele’s gaze, well represented in the panel, suggests us to look far and spurs us to cultivate his dream with enthusiasm”.

It was the turn of President Trentalange to conclude the ceremony: according to him in the evening there was an air of true community; Taking up the Bishop’s words, he defined how they belong to the “theology of failure”, capable of offering a profound meaning to our life. Daniele belonged to that group of men who are on the side of the least and, although there is no consoling response to pain, it is always necessary to refer to the values ​​he witnessed in his short life: justice and peace, passion, respect, sharing, equity. and righteousness. Finally, moreover, he sent a message of optimism and hope to the assembly inviting everyone to “smile because the devil is afraid of happy people”.

In thanking all the guests and those present, the President Prato gave Daniele’s father a display case in which Daniele’s referee shirt was placed with the signature of all the colleagues of the CAN of Serie A and B and to the mother a bouquet of flowers kindly offered by Luana De Mitri, of the FIGC of Lecce.

The AIA Section of Lecce entitled to the Memory of Daniele De Santis