The Ballad.Club adventure in favor of a new way of working

If teleworking has become more democratic with the health crisis, the two co-founders had sniffed out the market well in advance: “Our project, which we had already started before, really took shape at the time of the Covid”.

See beyond telework

The two co-founders started the project eight years ago. “We were teleworkers, quite a while ago, we created coworking spaces, called Sofffa area. But the health crisis pushes the two co-founders to a particular observation. “We really noticed the psychological lever linked to confinement in an urban environment. The fact of having relatives living in the countryside, or having a property in the countryside, helped to better live the confinement, even if we were not physically in this space ”.

For the two founders, the possibility of being able to leave “changes the way one lives the space in which one finds oneself, it is a real intellectual and psychological freedom”. Subscribers of Ballad.Club can therefore take advantage of coworking spaces without reservation, and with unlimited access, but also photo studios, apartments or lofts by reservation. “Our bias? The most important thing is not the space itself, nor its characteristics or working comfort. The important thing is the journey between these different spaces, the contrast between space and freedom, which can be obtained by changing the environment”.

User turnover

Subscribers have two simultaneous booking credits available. “If I book a meeting room for this afternoon, and I book an apartment next week, I have no more reservation credit available, but I can still access the workspaces. On the other hand, as soon as my afternoon meeting is over, I get my booking credit back”, explains Johann Milani. Reservations are obviously limited to ensure turnover. To satisfy all subscribers and future, the co-founders will embark on the purchase of other goods. “We are entering a period where it is becoming necessary to launch new investments, but we know that we currently have a capacity of between 120 and 130 people”.

Double ambition: nomadism and real estate

“For the moment, we have launched Ballad.Club, it is the operating company”explains Johann Milani, whose objective is to grow his real estate company in parallel. “We ultimately want each subscriber to be able to add the amount of their choice monthly, from 50 euros per month, to become part co-owner of the goods they use”. The co-founder has already announced two million investments in real estate for the moment. “We have notably invested in a guest house in the Drôme and an apartment in Paris, for the community”.

And to continue their activities, Johann Milani and Amaury Dupouey are counting on fundraising. “Mainly to expand to new cities, but also to strengthen local business”. And if the two co-founders hope to raise 2.5 million euros, it is also to improve their application.

“Ultimately, we want an application that allows us to manage all these questions of accessibility in the different spaces, and since all the spaces have different uses, it is not easy to have an access solution. It is a real investment position for us”.

The Ballad.Club adventure in favor of a new way of working