The best Spotify Argentina podcasts to listen to this day

Although there are many debates about the origin of podcasts and which was the first in history, there is no doubt that the emergence of streaming platforms such as Spotify in the new millennium have boosted the popularity of this format.

As the word says “podcast”it is an audio product that describes an episodic series available to listen to when the user so wishes. The word was formally born in 2004when combined iPod Y broadcast.

Whether it’s about health, sports, politics, culture and entertainment, this format has also regained its fame among the Argentine public, although not all genres enjoy the same acceptance.

From criminal themes and even welfare, here is a list of the most popular podcasts in Argentina.

1. raw

Migue Granados was always interested in disturbing, fighting and investigating to get a little further. In each episode, Migue interviews hand in hand, in an intimate and sincere conversation, different personalities with unique life stories. A single premise: ask and discuss until the last vertebra; take off our masks to talk about what really happens to us. Life has a raw part… And Migue doesn’t leave it aside. La Cruda, an original Spotify podcast.

two. Phoenix Seminary – Brian Tracy

Phoenix Seminar by Brian Tracy. Complete modules in Spanish.

3. Naked Psychology | @psi.mammoliti

In this podcast we talk about emotions. Of your internal mechanisms: Why do you do what you do? Why can’t you express certain emotions and others? Why do you feel bad sometimes? Why are there things that anguish you, that generate fear, nostalgia, or that give you pleasure? How to regulate your emotions to feel balanced? Emotional management is the KEY to living a meaningful life. And it’s up to you to learn it! The gateway to this process? Naked Psychology. From the hand of Clinical Psychologist Marina Mammoliti.

Four. Nobody Says Nothing Podcast

#Nobody Says Nothing with Nico Occhiato, Flor Jazmín Peña, Nati Jota and Nacho Elizalde. Now we also accompany you in podcast format. Listen to us live from YouTube, Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

5. this matters to me

This Matters to Me is a documentary and confidential podcast. It is a personal story that allows introspective access to Dignity’s own life. She delves into the affective, social and imaginative world, delving into the most intimate thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Simultaneously, she becomes author, narrator and main character. Life is a journey and each journey is different. Dignity went out without a map, in search of a meaning. The road was long and she had to choose her own adventure. A Spotify Original Podcast.

6. Hidden number

Sofia, a young science fiction writer, is on her way to the most important meeting of her life. She must sign a million dollar contract for her latest novel. But a mysterious call will cast doubt on all her plans. Getting to the meeting will not be easy. Survive neither.

7. think again

The human brain is the most powerful machine that has been created in the history of mankind. Neuroscientist Facundo Manes invites you to discover the secrets of that wonder we call the mind. Today, more than ever, is the time to think again. Only on Spotify.

8. Brave Sisters

The Chacarita Juniors club is more famous for the stories of its brave bar than for its sporting achievements. What many do not know is that inside there are complicated inmates and that those who lead them are two women: the Molina sisters. With an investigation starring Andrea Rincón and Mauro Albarracín, Hermanas Bravas seeks to answer the questions that many Chaca fans ask themselves: Are Ana and Angélica the leaders of the bar? What are the causes of rivalry between sisters? Are they fighting for the power of the gang? Why are they targeted by the media? What does the Funebrero fan feel about this situation? A club. A brave bar. A passion. Two sisters. The same blood. Welcome, welcome to Brave Sisters. A Spotify original podcast.

9. Rematch

After being convicted and left out of the last elections, former president Lula da Silva is once again fighting for power. From across the street, Jair Bolsonaro is seeking his re-election. Hosted by Juan Elman, Cenital publishes a series of episodes to understand what is at stake for the future of Brazilian society but also for the region in the Brazilian presidential elections. La Revancha is a Cenital and Congo production. Narration: Juan Elman Script: Lucía Cholakian Herrera and Juan Elman Production: Nicolás Carral Edition: Mauro Suchodolski Art: Rocío F. Fuks

10. Dispercast

With Despercast you will have the opportunity to start your day in the best way, charging yourself with personal energy with a new daily meditation. Enjoy inner peace for a few minutes and give yourself the opportunity to live in well-being. Despercast is a Spotify Original podcast.

*Some titles may not have a description because the platform does not provide it.

what is a podcast

Podcasts have regained strength among users of streaming platforms, especially after the coronavirus pandemic (Google)

A podcast is an audio product which has a defined periodicity and can be made up of several episodes, although it has its origins in the radio, currently those who like this format can find it on internet pages or streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Although podcasts began as a discussion between several participants on a specific topic, over time the ways of doing them have been diversifying and now it can be a person speaking or a group, likewise, they are not only used as a space to exchange points of view, but also encompass genres of interview like the podcast #AtCasaDeMara where he asks questions to various characters such as edy smoleither fictionas it happens with the suspense story of the chilean podcast Case 63or deal with science, politics, journalism, welfare, among others.

The word “podcast” was first used on February 12, 2004 by journalist Ben Hammersley from Guardian in an article in which he talked about how economically viable it was to make an online radio program and access them whenever users want.

Although there are various debates about when the first podcast in history emerged, there are several experts who have pointed out that the idea was clear since the creation of the podcast. Thomas Alva Edison’s phonograph in 1870when the intellectuals of the time such as Philip Hubert, Octave Uzanne or Edward Bellamy predicted that people would end up “reading with their eyes closed” books, newspapers and magazines and even mothers would stop snoring telling stories to children before going to sleep.

Spotify in Argentina

Spotify has become one of the most competitive streaming platforms. (Dexerted)

It was on September 25, 2013 when the streaming music platform arrived in Argentina, being the second country in Latin America only behind Mexico. His arrival in this South American country was only two years after the arrival of Apple’s iTunes.

Created in 2006, the company of Swedish origin initially offered a musical catalog of 20 million songs; currently has a catalog of songs from more than seven million artists who are affiliated.

Currently the platform is present in 187 territories around the world and in recent years it has been gaining greater presence throughout the world.

Today the streaming platform has agreements with Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI Music, Hollywood Records, Interscope Records, Warner Music, among others. This has allowed us to currently reach more than 433 million users according to the latest data revealed by the company itself.

Compared to its competitors, who have chosen to pay based on physical sales or downloads, Spotify has followed a model in which it has chosen to pay the artists in its catalog at a fixed price per song or album sold and number of plays.

Additionally, 70% of their total revenue goes to copyright holders, mostly record labels, who then pay artists based on their individual contracts.

It should be noted that currently anyone can enjoy the free Spotify service, as long as you are willing to put up with ads and with restrictions such as not being able to skip some songs. either there is various plans that can be adjusted to your needs and your pocket.

Spotify and Apple seek to lead the music streaming and podcast market. (Illustration: Anayeli Tapia)

Podcast vs Audiobooks

The coronavirus pandemic not only benefited podcasts by increasing their number of users, but also audiobooks also added more consumers on various platforms, including Spotify, as it is estimated that they can leave annual profits of up to 70 billion dollars.

The streaming platform, where audiobooks have been growing by 20%has turned to book narration with the voices of Hollywood celebrities.

Its rise could also be due to criticism of the ease with which the platform has allowed podcasters to speak, falling into errors of misinformation in the midst of a pandemic, as was the case with Joe Roganwhich also caused the company to lose up to 2.1 million dollars.


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The best Spotify Argentina podcasts to listen to this day