The best Spotify Chile podcasts to listen to this day

Although there are many debates about the origin of podcasts and which was the first in history, there is no doubt that the emergence of streaming platforms such as Spotify in the new millennium have boosted the popularity of this format.

As the word says “podcast”it is an audio product that describes an episodic series available to listen to when the user so wishes. The word was formally born in 2004when combined iPod Y broadcast.

Whether it’s about health, sports, politics, culture and entertainment, this format has also regained its fame among the Chilean public, although not all genres enjoy the same acceptance.

From criminal themes and even welfare, here is a list of the most popular podcasts in Chile.

1. Two and a Half Onvres

Family stories from different members of a family.

two. Experts in Nothing

A talk without power point. A panel without specialists. An unmoderated discussion. A conversation without outcome. An advice that we do not follow. A fake news without bad intentions. All of this is Expertas en Nada, with Elisa Zulueta and Paloma Salas.

3. Thomas is going to die

3 Friends looking to spend the last few days with their friend Tomas.

Four. Weona I grew up

That men are the center of existence is something that Mafe and Wilo have decided to start working on, but sometimes when you take one out the door, so many others sneak in through the window. Therapy, drinks and girls, here begins the third season of WEONA QUE CREICI

5. Case 63

Year 2022. Psychiatrist Elisa Aldunate records the sessions of an enigmatic patient, registered as Case 63, who claims to be a time traveler. What begins as routine therapeutic sessions quickly transforms into a story that threatens the borders of what is possible and what is real. A story that moves freely between the future and the past of two characters who, perhaps, have the future of humanity in their hands. Starring Antonia Zegers and Néstor Cantillana. Case 63 is a Spotify original podcast.

6. Phoenix Seminary – Brian Tracy

Phoenix Seminar by Brian Tracy. Complete modules in Spanish.

7. science vs.

Have you ever wondered what we can do if a killer asteroid is coming our way? Or if the screens melt your eyes and brain? Or if sharks really can smell a drop of blood in an Olympic swimming pool? Between conflicting opinions and passing fads, there is science. science vs. seeks to demystify science by pitting scientific data against just about any topic you can think of. Saúl Cortés, mathematician, science comedian and science broadcast tiktoker, along with a team of talented journalists who are science enthusiasts, bring you a new episode every Thursday. science vs. is an original Spotify podcast, adapted from Gimlet’s Science Vs English version.

8. With Pears and Finances

Investing and personal finance podcast.

9. copano

Nicolás Copano and his friends present lists, music and conversation. #CopanoFM are tips, musical selections and free stories. Enter the discord and request songs at 💡If you want to read my newsletter and find Ideas, self-care and productivity. Follow me on

10. Naked Psychology | @psi.mammoliti

In this podcast we talk about emotions. Of your internal mechanisms: Why do you do what you do? Why can’t you express certain emotions and others? Why do you feel bad sometimes? Why are there things that anguish you, that generate fear, nostalgia, or that give you pleasure? How to regulate your emotions to feel balanced? Emotional management is the KEY to living a meaningful life. And it’s up to you to learn it! The gateway to this process? Naked Psychology. From the hand of Clinical Psychologist Marina Mammoliti.

*Some titles may not have a description because the platform does not provide it.

what are podcasts

Podcasts have regained strength among users of streaming platforms, especially after the coronavirus pandemic (REUTERS / Given Ruvic)

A podcast is an audio product which has a defined periodicity and can be made up of several episodes, although it has its origins in the radio, currently those who like this format can find it on internet pages or streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Although podcasts began as a discussion between several participants on a specific topic, over time the ways of doing them have been diversifying and now it can be a person speaking or a group, likewise, they are not only used as a space to exchange points of view, but also encompass genres of interview like the podcast #AtCasaDeMara where he asks questions to various characters such as edy smoleither fictionas it happens with the suspense story of the chilean podcast case 63or deal with science, politics, journalism, welfare, among others.

The word “podcast” was first used on February 12, 2004 by journalist Ben Hammersley from Guardian in an article in which he talked about how economically viable it was to make an online radio program and access them whenever users want.

Although there are various debates about when the first podcast in history emerged, there are several experts who have pointed out that the idea was clear since the creation of the podcast. Thomas Alva Edison’s phonograph in 1870when the intellectuals of the time such as Philip Hubert, Octave Uzanne or Edward Bellamy predicted that people would end up “reading with their eyes closed” books, newspapers and magazines and even mothers would stop snoring telling stories to children before going to sleep.

Spotify keys

Spotify has become one of the most competitive streaming platforms. (Spotify)

born in 2006the Swedish company formally began its activities in Europe on October 7, 2008 and little by little it has had a presence throughout the world, being currently in 187 countries and offering music from more than seven million artists.

Today the streaming platform has agreements with Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI Music, Hollywood Records, Interscope Records, Warner Musicamong other.

In terms of podcast, Spotify announced in November 2020 the purchase and acquisition of the advertising and podcast platform mega phone for 235 million dollars, which was used for the monetization of audios.

According to figures published by Spotify, in 2019 it had 217 million subscribers, which in 2020 increased to 345 million and that in 2021, despite the pandemic, they reached 365 million subscribersof which about 50% are paying customers, while they now number 433 million users.

As a model, Spotify has raised pay artists from your catalog a fixed price per song or album sold and gives royalties based on the amount of artist plays in proportion to the total songs streamed, unlike its competitors, who pay for physical sales or downloads.

In addition, the 70% of your total income they go to copyright holders, mostly record labels, who then pay artists based on their individual contracts.

It should be noted that currently anyone can enjoy the Spotify free serviceas long as you’re willing to put up with ads and with restrictions like not being able to skip some songs.

Spotify and Apple seek to lead the music streaming and podcast market. (Illustration: Anayeli Tapia)

strong competition

The coronavirus pandemic not only benefited podcasts by increasing their number of users, but also audiobooks also added more consumers on various platforms, including Spotify, as it is estimated that they can leave annual profits of up to 70 billion dollars.

The streaming platform, where audiobooks have been growing by 20%has turned to book narration with the voices of Hollywood celebrities.

Its rise could also be due to criticism of the ease with which the platform has allowed podcasters to speak, falling into errors of misinformation in the midst of a pandemic, as was the case with Joe Roganwhich also caused the company to lose up to 2.1 million dollars.


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The best Spotify Chile podcasts to listen to this day