The Bossi

Twenty years later, the power of retaliation, it could be Meloni and Salvini, new prime minister and deputy, leader of FdI and the League, who have to correct distortions and shortcomings of the immigration law signed in 2002 by their fathers Bossi and Finithen leaders of the Northern League and the post-fascists of An, one minister of reforms, the other vice-president of the Council in the second Berlusconi government. Gloria Riva does well to notice this at the end of her alarming report on an evil that is becoming endemic: companies are looking for people, but they can’t find them. Or they can’t have it. And they sound the alarm.

The Italian labor force is not enough, or there is none, or it ignores job offers. For more than one reason: as society ages, many young people look abroad for specializations they cannot find here, or a better future; for those who remain there is no training consistent with the new market needs; not to mention the conditions of work and pay that many young people no longer intend to accept. So all that remains is to resort to foreigners.

To govern everything, Riva explains it well, it is precisely the Bossi-Fini that not only limits the flows, but is built like the novel-film “Comma 22” whose fateful paradox – “Who is crazy can be exempted from flight missions , but whoever wants to be exempted from flying missions is not crazy ”- it could be paraphrased like this: to be able to work an immigrant must be in good standing, but to be in good standing he must have a regular job. And everything stops. With the consequences denounced by the entrepreneurs, many of whom represent precisely that productive North that voted to the right: every year 350 thousand between carpenters, electricians, nurses, engineers, waiters, bricklayers, cleaners are available, only 70 thousand are available. After all, Italy is, in Europe, among the countries with the lowest number of immigrants (9 per cent of the population, 13 in Germany, 23 in Sweden).

It is no coincidence then that the plague of the undeclared is rampant: Istat says that despite the Covid arrest and lockdown, there are still three million illegal workers, in every sector, and little or nothing has been done even to stem the blackmail of the illegal hiring that reduces men to slaves and pollutes the entire labor market. Often with the condescension of the same entrepreneurs who take advantage of low costs and labor without rights. Cultural delays, convenient controversies over ius soli and ius scholae also affect those who have been here for years if even a volleyball champion like Paola Egonu, born in Veneto, a dark-skinned Italian, decides to leave the national team and her country for the constant racial and sexual insults.

In times of war, high inflation and zero growth, these are not questions. Caritas has published dramatic data on the spread of poverty: 5 and a half million Italians, ten percent of the population, are in poverty. In the meantime, we are back to discussing citizenship income which, as we know, is not popular with the right, but is now collected by two and a half million people. We cannot help but cross the two data: even if the young people lying on the sofas and the crafty ones with income in their pockets and second illegal jobs were only a controversial invention, the fact remains that at least three million Italians live without work and without money. Paraphrasing easy slogans spread over these months, one would say to the Meloni-Salvini couple that poverty and unemployment are neither on the right nor on the left. And that now it’s up to them.

The Bossi-Fini law is wrong and feeds illegal work. Will melons change it?