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Premiered in 2020, going through its screening at the Sitges Film Festival 2021, The boy behind the door 83% (The Boy Behind the Door) has since collected favorable comments from critics. Opera debut of the duo of directors, David Charbonier Y justin powell (who have already made their second feature film in collaboration entitled The Djinn- blank75%), the film starts from a terrible plot, an event that unfortunately happens in reality, to create a survival film driven by the friendship between two children who will face the evil of adults.

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Although classified as a work of horror, The boy behind the door It is not a work with ghosts or supernatural elements, but with real demons who are willing to commit horrifying acts such as kidnapping and child trafficking and abuse. It is through human tensions that this low-budget film generates the most terrifying anguish in the viewer, and it is this narrative aspect that effectively combines the suspense of the genre with the terror that comes from reality, which has been praised by critics. Film critics.

When Bobby (Lonnie Chavez) and his best friend, Kevin (ezra dewey), are kidnapped and locked in a strange house in the middle of nowhere, the first manages to escape. But as he walks away from him, he hears the desperate cries of his partner, so he decides to turn around and try to help him. The film also features performances by Kristin Bauer van Straten, Scott Michael Foster Y Micah HauptmannIn addition, the director of photography is Julian Estrada.

Journalists have not been indifferent to the debut of David Charbonier Y justin powellmention that the directors have a perfect understanding of the fundamentals of horror cinema and a gift for creating an atmosphere of threat and tension, so much so that, with an absence of music and special effects, they have managed to create a “dark and violent”, as described Carlos Marin in his review for howlsand also take us “into the heart of darkness” as pointed out by Megan Navarro in your opinion for Bloody Disgusting.

The aspect most highlighted by critics is that, although the film touches on terrible themes, the directors, who are also screenwriters, do so with skill and empathy. It is the game of cat and mouse taken to its ultimate consequences, reminiscent of other films of the genre such as Do not breathe – blank87%however, his main inspiration is The glow – blank92%.

On the other hand, the negative reviews show that it is a predictable and repetitive film. For this segment there was a lack of depth in some situations and characters, while some decisions seem unbelievable.

In general terms, The boy behind the door blank83% It is a film that makes up for its budget weaknesses with a well-cared-for proposal in formal terms (visual composition, photography, lighting), direction and narrative, with brilliant performances by Lonnie Chavez Y ezra dewey. Below, we share some opinions of the critic.

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Megan Navarro of Bloody Disgusting:

Charbonier and Powell take us straight into the heart of darkness in this shocking suspense thriller that pushes the boundaries without fear.

Carlos Marin of howls:

Despite its debut sins, the effective narrative, the leading couple and the good eye on camera are enough ingredients to fill the stomach with a dish that, without being too delicious or exotic, fills the belly well for those who enjoy of the daily suspense ration.

Marisa Mirabal of slash-film:

Charbonier and Powell are two creators who hold your attention and have a gift for generating menace and tension, all with a lot of heart, in a dangerous world.

Pedro Rodriguez of Travis Bickle Connection:

The film has a virtuoso command of visual composition, scene planning, and pacing. A deadly game of cat and mouse that takes place in real time and leaves the viewer exhausted. Great movie.

William Sanchez Ferrer of Cinemagavia:

The Boy Behind the Door is a horror movie that nonetheless seriously touches on a really creepy subject matter (more so than any fictional monster one can imagine). Thanks to a good handling of suspense, the directors manage to give the viewer goosebumps…

justin lowe of The Hollywood Reporter:

A haunting indie thriller that showcases the talents of two incredible actors (…) The directors have handled dark material with skill and empathy.

Mel Valentine of Screen Anarchy:

It seems that Charbonier and Powell are very good. They have a perfect understanding of the basics of horror film, including visual composition, scene construction, and pacing.

isaac medina of UnpluggedNews:

…there is an absence of music and special effects, which doesn’t mean it’s bad, because even without these elements, based only on the play of light and shadow, it achieves the ideal gloomy environment for a survival scenario like this.

Javier S. Donate of Horror Weekend:

It would be unfair not to recognize the contribution of Julián Estrada, the director of photography, because his is this dirty and unhealthy atmosphere, which makes you feel tense…

Eric Ortiz Garcia of Cinema Inferno:

The Boy Behind the Door is, after all, repetitive and predictable. It leaves you indifferent.

Dante Yuri of Tenth Circle:

…the number of questionable decisions and unrealistic situations the leads find themselves in are bad enough to ruin the entire movie. Apparently this is the weak point of these directors.

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The boy behind the door | Top reviews, reviews and ratings | tomatoes