The brutal ironings of Chancalay and Sigali that earned them the red at Racing

The criminal kick by Tomás Chancalay on Agustín Giay for which the Racing player received the red card

The first time of match between Racing and San Lorenzo for date 15 of the Professional League he had practically no emotions. However, in the complement everything changed and two very violent actions earned them expulsions from the Academy.

Thomas Chancalay He was the first who had a reprehensible attitude with Agustin Giay. First, the academic player was reprimanded, but at the request of the VAR, the referee Fernando Espinoza had no doubts and took the red card from the striker who was only on the pitch for 12 minutes.

Chancalay started from the bench and entered in the second half for Matías Rojas. At the Cilindro the public was excited by the entrance of the attacker who had just scored a goal against Banfield in the 2-0 victory last Thursday. But after the first ten minutes of the second half he struggled with Giay.

Espinoza analyzed the play on the monitor and took the red card from Chancalay. The same thing happened with Sigali

The one from Racing went down with a kick, his rival was left on the floor and he stomped on his knee tremendously, nailing his boots. Espinoza received the call from the VAR and analyzed the play on the monitor. After seeing it, he changed the yellow to red for Chancalay, who received the disapproval of his people.

The judge’s decision was correct because the Racing player, Chancalay, stepped on the opponent. Their reaction leads to being conceptualized as violent behavior. Tomás went to the locker room and left his team with one less, which at that moment was losing by the minimum after the beautiful goal by Juan Méndez who stopped it and defined it from the right.

However, in numerical inferiority Racing reached equality with a little dove. But the joy did not last long for the Academy since eight minutes later Andres Vombergar put San Lorenzo ahead.

The bad news continued for Racing since at 42 minutes Leonardo Sigali He also received the red at the request of the VAR, after a kick to adam bereiro. With two players less in the final minutes, the locals had a more difficult time in their quest to achieve equality.

Sigali’s kick against Bareiro

Once again the referee was right in his decision as Sigali’s left leg hit the San Lorenzo player’s ankle with the blocks. It should be considered as an entry of use of excessive force, with which he put the opponent’s physique at serious risk.. Red was perfect.

“A very hard blow, but for this shirt everything is worth it and more if we get the three points, in this stadium and against a rival as tough as Racing, it deserves it. It makes us have more confidence in ourselves”, declared Bareiro after the game before the microphone of TNT Sports.

“The goal is to go step by step and keep growing. Both the people and the players know that we come from difficult years, but we, the group, have become strong and we are reversing a little what happened in the past seasons, ”he added.

This is how Bareiro’s ankle was left after the kick he received from Sigali

“The soccer player is the one who suffers the most from criticism and bad moments. We had a pretty bad time and we already suffered enough seasons ago, “concluded the Guarani.

San Lorenzo’s victory in the classic was another positive step for the cast led by Ruben Dario Insua who seeks to achieve regularity in the championship and his success was against a major rival like Racing. The blaugrana team had just beaten Platense 2-0 at the New Gasometer.

It was the fifth victory of the Ciclón in the championship that reached 23 units and was 6 behind the only leader Atlético Tucumán, who will close the date tomorrow in the match that will be played at the local Barracas Central.


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The brutal ironings of Chancalay and Sigali that earned them the red at Racing-San Lorenzo: Bareiro’s ankle that worried everyone