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Alessandro Bonan

The Juventus of the latest performances, including the one against Paris Saint-Germain, are showing signs of rebirth. Perhaps because, forced by events, the Juventus coach made some young players of great value play. The question is: couldn’t it have been done before?

All opinions are right, except the wrong ones. If you pass me the aphorism, I would include Juventus’ first crazy months in this linguistic game. In fact, various considerations have been expressed on what Allegri’s team has done so far, on the eve of a game that could mark something definitive, for better or for worse. Juventus and Inter meet to decide how to face the break for the World Cup, whether lying down with a glass and a straw in hand, under a sun that is not there, or straight with the binoculars in front of your eyes to scrutinize worried (essentially the bianconeri) the horizon.

Juventus was told, or rather shouted, that he played badly because of Merrya coach branded by social media with the famous hashtag #allegriout. Treated like a pancake seller who happened to pass a bench by chance, Allegri replied with a starched smile, so firm that it seemed almost unreal. Inside those clenched white teeth he has stuffed words like calm, simple, normal, categories, sorry. Few, at least to the pierced memory of the writer, the references to bad luck, despite a group of patients in a team worthy of a polyclinic. Allegri, 55, the age of a fully aware person, has won six championships, five with Juventus and one with Milan. Then he reached two Champions League finals, along with other trophies that these days to define minor seems at least improper. He is not exactly a pancake seller, but a coach with a winning vocation. Forgetting this leads to bad faith, and then any reasoning is not valid. Another is the rust of two years of waiting, the asphyxiated game of a team with too many shooting stars. And Allegri is co-responsible for this, I don’t think the person directly concerned raises any objections.

But Juventus of the latest performances, including the one against Paris Saint-Germain (in the photo LaPresse Matias Soulé and Sergio Ramos), it is showing signs of rebirth. Play faster and more vertically, moving as a whole, without those chasms between one department and another. Vlahovic doesn’t seem the only resource, but the man who will feel less alone when he returns. He has more. Allegri recently discovered that unconsciousness helps to live better certain dark situations. And then, forced by unfortunate events (indeed, injured), he threw in some young people of great value. The question is: couldn’t it have been done before? It is a rhetorical question, as it intrinsically contains its answer. In fact it is an opinion. Maybe wrong, among the many right ones.

The cheerful young people