The dice chose ES Catalan

The Salanque CR had the victory at the end of the knuckles until five minutes from the gong. But a drop of Calls, then a penalty from Rousset will plunge the ESC into happiness.

They were six, seven, eight. Even more. Perhaps there was also the priest, the teacher, the mayor of Argelès… Linked. United. Cubic. The chariot shining like a mint was parked at the gates of the palace. ES Catalan took him out in the 10th. Gricourt steals the leather in the air, Snaoui and Pleindoux in support and there, the maul from Argelès operates the guiboles and deploys the watts.

A forty-meter penetrating group that ravages much more than the moor. Salanquais bodies and hearts probably a little too. A not so trivial action that will mark the spirits. “ We worked on it will unveil Jean-Luc Bartoli in the locker room. It was premeditated. We wanted to hurt them from the start. I think this casserole has started them, especially mentally. Like what rugby, even today, always starts in front, right?

However, it is the SCR which displays pretty colors on the cheeks at the start of the match (6-3). Before Pleindoux, supported by his entire pack, put his own in the direction of travel (6-13, 20th). Despite having four hairs on his chin, the players of the Salanque CR do not let go.

Nouzières and Journo respond to a penalty try for Argelès and here are the two teams launched in a real chase (18-20, 35th) during a derby of passion that the SCR unrolls at 13 (two cards for the second line) in his last gasps of the first period (18-23, 40th).

Rousset clinic at 8 out of 9 at the foot

Power against speed, this would therefore be the theme of a second act still as undecided. And the dice will roll all afternoon in the wind of uncertainty in a duel of scorers. On the bill, Rousset on the star side, still as clinical (8 out of 9 over the whole match) and Duret, in the camp opposite. So much so that five minutes from the gong, the promoted, only beaten by Gaillac this season for the opening of the season, is leading by a short header (30-29, 68th).

There, Guillaume Calls, the opener grabs his superhero cape. Marquez, freshly entered into the fray, serves the Argelèsian opener from 22 meters, facing the poles, who with a love of the inside of the foot, passes the drop of the win (30-32, 76th). “It’s the Pierre Tubert paw thathe has fun, wrapping his mentor, the rear coach, in tenderness. I was facing the post, I had to take my responsibilities”.

On arrival, it is ES Catalane, who steals a loot that would not have denoted in the trunk of the premises. And sets a gem in its rather torturous path in recent weeks where vinyl has long turned scratched. “We had programmed five points in this block of two matches (Leucate and the SCR therefore). Here we are with eight. It’s good. We are only making up for the misstep, at home against Palavas”continues Jean-Luc Bartoli, the abacus in his pocket.

The dice chose ES Catalan