The father of the Assago stabber: “In recent weeks he was only thinking about suicide”

Stabbing in the Assago shopping center

“At Carrefour I took a knife to hurt myself, I was going to hit myself”, Andrea Tombolini told the investigating judge after the assault inside the Milanofiori shopping center. Lately he suffered from a violent form of hypochondria.

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Stabbing in the Assago shopping center

In the last two weeks his mood has worsened, he has stopped talking. Or she was just talking about suicide“. These are the words of the father of Andrea Tombolini, four days after that cursed October 27th. The day the son took a knife from the shelves of the Assago Carrefour inside the Milanofiori shopping center and hit six people, seriously injuring three And killing one.

The assault on the victims inside the Carrefour: “They were fine, I was bad”

The first was the footballer Pablo Marì, who wandered through the aisles of the mall with his wife and young son. “When I saw that among the customers there was a soccer player of Milan (even if he plays in Monzaed), I felt envious, because he was fine and I was ill. I then hit him with a knife I was holding and I could have stopped thereinstead I don’t know what got into me and I started hitting other people too. ”

The suicide attempt before going to the Milanofiori shopping center

But Andrea Tombolini he was there for a reason. The same one who also told the father.

A few hours earlier, in fact, he had undergone a gastroscopy, following which, despite medical assurances, he would have begun to mature hypochondriacal obsessive thoughts that they would then triggered the suicidal instincts. The same ones who had haunted him for some time.

“Home with a knife I tried to hurt myself but couldn’t. I did it because I had an operation on my back and I was ill “. At Carrefour, like this, where he wanders aimlessly, desperate”I took a knife to hurt me, I was going to hit myself. ” But then he saw Pablo Marì and his little family, happy, pushing the cart with his beautiful wife beside him and her baby. And the knife went in his direction.

The psychiatric problems of Andrea Tombolini

Surprised his general practitioner, who followed him for some time and consequently knew his psychiatric problems. Self-harming acts such as punches in the face and butt heads against the wallviolent outbursts of anger towards the elderly parentslaunch of objects in the home, admissions in hospital complaining of imaginary pathologies (“I’m dying, I have a tumor“, he will tell the investigating judge).

“In my opinion Tombolini is a person with a unstable mental balancegiven his neurotic pathology, but without particular signs of deep ailments of the personality “, the doctor now declares to the investigators.” In fact, he has no documented psychiatric pathologies, but for some weeks he had developed a obsessive trait centered on pathologies of one’s body.

Lately, worsening the state anxiousin agreement with your sister we have planned one psychiatric visit at the local psychosocial center. While waiting, five months ago, I prescribed benzodiazepine drops. “

The psychiatric visit the day before the attack in the Assago Carrefour wards

Psychiatric visits that Tombolini has promptly rejectednot presenting himself to the calls.

Nor on October 18, the day on which at the end of a quarrel with the parents (“At 80 I don’t get killed by you“, they heard his father shout from the courtyard of the condominium) he had been hospitalized for an alleged one gastritisand during the ambulance transport it was punched in the face. Nor on October 26: the day before of the attack on Carrefour by shopping center Milanofiori.

The father of the Assago stabber: “In recent weeks he was only thinking about suicide”