The “first” of Vargas at the Pro Patria: “We went well on the pitch but then we lost confidence”

VARGAS 1: «We have suffered on the second balls And in the return race of our midfieldersa bit’ slow and cumbersome. We went into trouble on individual occasions created by Arzignano, in addition to the goal also in the first half on a departmental error, but Del Favero made two sensational saves. We had to manage the “half and half” balls better and this took away our confidence, leading us to run a lot and bad. The difficulties arose due to theabsence of Bertoni? Today I deployed a midfield with the players used in the preseasonthe same ones who have always trained and who have not had any physical problems ».

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Lombardoni saves the Pro Patria at 90 ‘: Vargas’ debut is a draw

VARGAS 2:Parker’s injury? I haven’t talked to the club yet, he’s an important player, a ram. We must build and plan the squad as best as possible, trying not to injure anyone and risking as little as possible. We suffered in a “somewhat tragic” way some injured players. Each player is fundamental and very important, we cannot risk losing someone by entering them in the field for 90 minutes if they come from a period of inactivity. The pace is high and the contrasts tough, a club like Pro Patria shouldn’t have so many injured players ».

VARGAS 3: «Those who made a normal route starting from the retreat today proved to be a condition and did not suffer from cramps, unlike Arzignano. However, we are still missing something and we must fix it soon because the championship is very hard and long: we can not afford to always chase the result. Today the situation was under control until there was turmoil in defense and then as a team. TO I like to win but when the matches turn out like this, you are at a disadvantage and the opponents try to restart, I must say then that many players have done very well, even in terms of character ».

DEL FAVERO 1: «Did I keep the team saved in the first half? I’m here for this. It was not an easy game, today was the first, against a newly promoted, difficult team. We know the level of the teams of these teams, maybe it can vary but the intensity is always high. The game was undoubtedly “masculine” (one day we will understand what this expression means, ed.), we have been good at interpreting it; the gaps and difficulties it is better that they have happened now than in the course of the season. It will be very long, which is why today’s glass is half full, we were good at recovering a game that had become complicated ».

DEL FAVERO 2: «Returning to play was astrong emotion. The last two years have been very difficult and come back with one such performance it was something nice. I want to thank all the people who have been close to me; as I said from the start the will on the part of the sporting director to want me here in Busto Arsizio it was crucial. Behind this company there is a very compact group, this helps a lot ».

DEL FAVERO 3: «In so many years of Juventus I’ve been used to seeing it as extreme point of arrival. For me it means that you don’t have to get used to it. In the past I was lucky enough to see many champions, to be able to learn from them, in goal and beyond. In life, however, you always have to roll up your sleeves; neither my parents nor anyone has ever accustomed me to seeing myself already arrived. I’m here to win back what I wanted to start doing when I suffered my first injury, with the same passion as three years ago. Doing it with a company like this is even more beautiful ».

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The “first” of Vargas at the Pro Patria: “We went well on the pitch but then we lost confidence”