The food to keep hydrated when the days are super hot and fatigue makes itself felt

You don’t hear about anything else: this is it a record summer, the grip of heat is insane and shows no sign of giving up. The environment suffers, but also health. The feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, the nights spent in white chasing a pinch of relief, the sun that seems to burn and the days become heavy and endless. What to do, waiting to be able to spend the holidays in a cool place? The password is: hydrate. If we don’t take enough fluidswhich serve to produce an adequate amount of sweat without upsetting our body reserves of mineral salts, we risk a bad heatstroke and being victims of nasty cramps.

Hydrating doesn’t just mean drinking lots of water (the classic indication of 8 glasses of water a day is a bit past: now experts suggest drinking an adequate amount of liquids to not feel thirsty), but also eating the right foods. Well yes, there are foods that help keep the body’s water reserves intact at all times, helping us to overcome the worst heat phases. Attention, please: these are the perfect foods to keep hydrated in very hot weather.

Fruits and vegetables are frontline allies

Let’s assume that it will seem all too logical: any food that has liquid content is hydrating and it’s good for the body. There fresh fruit and vegetables they are ideal sources of hydration not only because they tend to be characterized by a high water content, but they are also rich in fibers useful for creating a sense of satiety and for stomach and intestinal health. Among the most useful fruits to stock up on useful liquids we find:

  • The melon,
  • the watermelon,
  • strawberries,
  • the oranges,
  • the grapes,
  • the berries,
  • the grapefruit,
  • peaches,
  • the pineapple,
  • the pear,
  • the papaya.

    As for vegetables, the list is just as interesting:

    • the cucumbers,
    • the celery,
    • the lettuce,
    • peppers (especially the green ones),
    • spinaches,
    • the cauliflower,
    • carrots,
    • tomatoes (even if, to be picky, they are fruits).

      In short, a nice rich salad and an adequate portion of fruit they can hydrate us for a long time, ensuring a light meal that will make us feel less hot.

      Are salty foods enemies of hydration? Not everybody!

      We have probably always believed that i salty foods were all enemies of hydration and caused an unmanageable thirst, but that’s not always entirely true: when it’s hot our body also needs salt. Desperately. In fact, it tries to constantly maintain a balance between salts and water by acting on a hormonal level – especially with ADH, also called antidiuretic hormone. When we consume several salty foods at once, our brain will react by secreting ADH, which is responsible for making the kidneys retain water and preventing us from peeing in excess. The hormone is also linked to feelings of thirst and its combined effects signal the need for fluids. In short, in short: consuming too many salty foods is *ONLY* a problem if we ignore the signs of thirstas Dr. Tamara Hew-Butler of Wayne State University confirmed at the NY Times.

      What to *really* drink to hydrate when the days are hot? And what to eat? Yes, because hydration also comes from the right food

      Unsplash @Eye For Ebony

      If we want savory appetizers that go hand in hand with the need for hydration, the olives and pickles they are fine and are allowed. Soups are also ideal, especially those that require water during cooking, to be savored cold or warm to mitigate the sensation of internal heat.

      The *really* hydrating drinks

      It’s clear, all beverages can hydrate, but not all are ideal with stifling heat. Water is certainly the best choice, but milk (vegetable or otherwise) can also provide relief, as well as tea. Watch out though: fizzy drinks or iced teas high in sugar, they do not quench thirst very much, often indeed they increase the feeling of thirst and are not good for the body because they increase blood sugar levels. Excessive consumption, in addition to affecting weight, can also lead to the development of serious problems such as diabetes. If drinking water is a challenge for you, try to do it hoard of popsicles and sorbets, perhaps prepared at home with little sugar, to hydrate you and ensure a shiver of pleasure. You can mix water, lemon and ginger and create home-made ice cubes to enjoy throughout the day or indulge yourself with tea, mint and so on.

      Caffeinated beverages aren’t ideal: caffeine has a diuretic effect and tends to dehydrate in large quantities, but limiting yourself to a coffee or a Coca Cola won’t make much difference, especially if we are regular consumers and the body is already quite used to it. The important thing is to monitor its consumption so as not to lose liquids and precious mineral salts at this time. A separate discussion is to be devoted to thealcohol, absolute enemy of hydration: Suppresses the hormone ADH and the kidneys will not have the command to hold and absorb water. In addition to dehydrating us greatly, a cocktail – even a nice one filled with ice – could make us dizzy, slow us down and its vasodilator effect will spread a feeling of greater warmth throughout the body.

      Even if you’ve always dreamed of sipping a Margarita on the beach, overlooking the sea… sorry not sorry, maybe it’s better to opt for the non-alcoholic version.

The food to keep hydrated when the days are super hot and fatigue makes itself felt