The government is playing the dangerous game of good and bad immigrants

The executive intends to toughen the rules against illegal immigration while promising better integration for workers in a regular situation. A risky attempt to stem the rise of the National Rally.

On immigration, “such a sensitive subject”Emmanuel Macron claims “to like the nuance” and “to have a sense of the truth”. Anyway, that’s what the Head of State affirmed on October 26 on France 2 in a program dedicated to “French emergencies”. Question “truth”this sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, since he got tangled up on the public channel by claiming that in Paris “at least half of the delinquency that we observe comes from people who are foreigners, either in an irregular situation or awaiting a permit”. A clumsy statement to say the least. As noted CheckNews, the Ministry of the Interior certainly advances that in the first half of 2022 “48% of those implicated in the acts of delinquency are foreigners” in intramural Paris, but without distinguishing what proportion would be “irregular” Where “waiting for title”as the President mentioned.

Side “shade”, that’s not it either, with a Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who gives into Manichaeism to present his bill on immigration: “If I had to summarize, I would say that we must now be mean to the mean and nice to the good”he says in a newspaper interview the world this Wednesday granted in the company of Olivier Dussopt, the Minister of Labour. Darmanin and Dussopt revisit the duo of good and bad cop. At one, the conditioning of multi-year residence permits to the success of a French exam, an old antiphon of the right, and especially the hardening of the procedures for deportation to the border. Its purpose: to limit the possibilities of recourse and “to make life impossible” to people affected an obligation to leave the territory (OQTF), in particular by taking care to deprive them of social benefits or access to social housing. At the other, the creation of a residence permit for “jobs in tension”the threat of administrative closure for companies that resort to illegal labor and the obligation for employers to participate in a better integration of their foreign workers.

“It’s Sarkozy in the text”

Coming from the Socialist Party, the Minister of Labor also plans to exempt certain asylum seekers from the waiting period which prevents them from working during their first six months in France. “We are proposing a text which is, I think, interesting for all political forces”wants to believe Dussopt, while the government, lacking an absolute majority, will have to find relays in the opposition to get its bill passed in the Assembly. “We are always in the “at the same time”. The simple fact that he [Darmanin] presents this text with the Minister of Labor testifies that there will be no clear message, pounded this wednesday the equally nuanced LR MP Eric Ciotti. I fear that ultimately, this text is only a vast alibi to move towards a significant, even massive, regularization of foreigners in an irregular situation. “It’s Sarkozy in the text”was indignant on the contrary the deputy of La France insoumise David Guiraud, a few minutes after a speech by Darmanin in the corridors of the Assembly, this Wednesday: “We must regularize all undocumented workers. All. I do not see why this would only be the case in the sectors under tension.

A good summary of the pliers in which Emmanuel Macron is placed. Anxious not to lend the flank to accusations of inaction from the far right and the most right-wing fringe of Les Républicains, the President regularly sends winks to their voters. In 2019 it is in Current valuesthe flagship weekly of the react right, let him have a long talk on immigration. After the Lola affair, whose main suspect was the subject of an obligation to leave the territory, Emmanuel Macron refuses to do “an existential link between immigration and insecurity”, but he still brandishes a hazardous statistic on delinquent foreigners. The Head of State tries somehow to rely on a triptych: “protect” asylum seekers; “to integrate” students and workers “who come to help us succeed and build the country” ; “harden” rules against illegal immigration.

“They legitimize the theses of the RN and make it rise”

The National Rally and the best way to prevent it from thriving on immigration remains the obsession of Macronists. “I see that the RN poses problems, but never wants to solve them. And it’s quite logical, because if there were no more immigration problems in France, there would be no more National Rally.launched Darmanin to the Assembly. “They are trying to occupy space to dry up the RN. But each time they try to occupy the space of the RN, they legitimize its theses and make it rise., annoyed in return the deputy LFI Ugo Bernalicis. Consultations are planned with associations, social partners and political parties before the arrival of the immigration bill at first reading in the Senate in 2023. Once again, the government will only be able to count on the votes of the right to get his text across, with a risk of one-upmanship. “The LR group will present its objectives, warns MP Pierre-Henri Dumont. If they are not taken up, we will block the text.”

The government is playing the dangerous game of good and bad immigrants