The group stage of the VCT: Champions ends

After nine days of arduous competition, the VCT Group Phase: Champions of Istanbul came to an end. The greatest competition VALORANT of the world and of the year concludes its first phase, leaving behind multiple special moments. This group stage introduced us to the 8 teams advancing to the playoffsas well as the 8 that say goodbye to the VCT: Champions. The teams that will be in the phase of playoffs they will be: Leviathan, TeamLiquid, OpTic Gaming, LOUD, XSET, FPX, XRD Y fnatic. While Xerxia, Paper Rex, ZETA Division, Edward Gaming, BOOM, Rage, KRU Y 100Thieves They bid farewell to the World Cup.

VCT Group Stage Recap: Champions

Group A: Leviathan wins the group of death of the Champions

The group stage of VCT: Champions started the day August 31 with the duel between Paper Rex Y Edward Gaming. This Asian duel brought a lot of hype for being the debut of a Chinese team in an international tournament. Debut that would not go far since the winner would be Paper Rex despite a good face Edward Gaming. Closing the opening day, Leviathan would win in his debut in the Champions to Team Liquidgiving the surprise with a 2-0 very forceful. After these first blows, group A would continue making us known to the first classified to playoffs of Champions and this would be Leviathan. The Latin American team would win 2-0also by the fast track and with solvency, to Paper Rexgetting the ticket for the playoffs and demonstrating the Latin claw once again in the VALORANT.

Leviathan overcomes the group of death of the VCT: Champions undefeated / Sources: Leviathan

Just as we would know the first classified team to playoffsthe Group A would also give us the first eliminated of the tournament. After falling in the elimination match against TeamLiquid, Edward Gaming would leave the competition leaving a decent performance for his first time, although the results did not come. The incredible group of death closed with a spectacular clash between Paper Rex Y TeamLiquidwhere the ponies got up from the roller coaster of emotions to give a great level and surpass the APAC team. In this way, TeamLiquid became the second classified leaving out Paper Rexwho went from being second in the Masters 2 to be left out in the group stage of the Champions.

Dimasick - Team Liquid - VCT Champions groups
Dimasick, the last reinforcement of Team Liquid to fight in the World Cup / Sources: VALORANT Esports

Group B: Green is the hope of many

It’s time to continue with the review and we move to the B Groupwhich had us waiting with the three teams that reached the highest in the Masters from Reykjavik. This group opened with the game of LOUD Y Zeta Division, where the Brazilians easily prevailed showing improvements over their performance in Copenhagen. Complying as a result, but with other sensations, OpTic Gaming he also won his first match against debutant BOOMwhich has not been seen internationally since 2021. With a striking green tone in the final of winners, OpTic Gaming Y LOUD they gave a reissue of the final in Iceland, with victory again for the North American team that got into playoffs hanging the favorite sign again.

Crashies, a vital figure of OpTic Gaming in the first phase of the tournament / Sources: VALORANT Esports

Faced with the need not to fast-track goodbye again, Zeta Division had a date with BOOM. The duel resulted in victory for the Japanese team that sought to resurface to become the monster of Reykjavik. Although his attempts would not be very fruitful, since they would fall in the group final against LOUDrepeating the duel that opened the B Group. LOUD redeems himself of his bad time in Denmark in the Masters 2 and goes with everything in this Champions. Representing Brazil with great sensations of having a level to dream.

Saadhak - LOUD - VCT Champions groups
Saadhak, Argentine captain of the Brazilian LOUD team / Sources: VALORANT Esports

Group C: NA adds candidates and the phoenix is ​​still standing in the VCT: Champions

The party full of spectacle and surprise lands in the Group C, where expectations went hand in hand with recent tournament results. Those in charge of opening the can were KRU Y FPXthe second team of LATAM and the champion of the Masters from Copenhagen. This duel of great interest would fall into the hands of the phoenix that traced back an incredible first map and took advantage of the blow to put the 2-0. The second duel would be XSET Y Xerxia, where the North American team would not sow any doubt in the expectations and would take the duel easily. then it would be the same XSET who would take the first ticket a playoffs by beating FPX causing the surprise and making the NA region more favorite than ever in the tournament.

Zekken - XSET - VCT Champions groups
Zekken and XSET manage to demonstrate the power of NA in the Champions / Sources: VALORANT Esports

Despite having already experienced the surprise of the group stage, there was more to see in the Group C. The action would continue with Xerxia Y KRUwhere the Latin team managed to give a better face. Continuing alive after beating the APAC team. attempts to KRU to continue in the world they didn’t get very far despite the illusion and the heroic dynamic that surrounds the team. FPX became great after his fall against XSET and alluding to the phoenix that stands out on his shirt resurfaced to beat KRÜ in a team monologue EMEA.

Shao - FPX - VCT Champions groups
Shao, the star of Copenhagen shines again for the Phoenix to fly high in Istanbul / Sources: VALORANT Esports

Group D: DRX stands up for the Asian continent in the Champions League

If something was being scored during the group stage of the Champions were the weak performances of the Asian teams. Although 2022 has been a year where they have grown and shown a lot of evolution, most of them failed to perform in Turkey. To cut the thread, DRX appeared, the Korean team that came out to face the continent. The Koreans won their opening duel against Rage. While fnatic Y 100Thieves they gave the duel EMEA-NA that everyone expected, where the thieves who put NA very high won. Nonetheless, DRX multiplied their forces to beat the NA team. Leaving the complex resolution away from them, climbing directly into the playoffs.

DRX dominates Group D and advances to playoffs proving Korean VALORANT is strong / Sources: VALORANT Esports

The last of the duels would be the reissue of the NA vs EMEA what a show he gave us, 100 Thieves vs Fnatic. Although this time there would be a new script for this game, where the result would be in favor of those from EMEA. fnatic He did the epic and traced his status in the group, demonstrating the high level he can play. the british team I had not connected internationally as he did in his region till the date. fnatic managed to beat 100Thieves and add all the teams of EMEA to the playoffs of VCT: Champions from Istanbul.

Alfajer - Fnatic - VCT Champions groups
Alfajer, the only Turkish player in the VCT: Champions and a fundamental part of Fnatic’s growth / Sources: VALORANT Esports

The group stage of the VCT: Champions ends – Full Esports