The island of temptations 5: the seventh gala left us with Tania punished, secret tattoos and the veto of a single woman

The seventh gala The island of temptations has left us Tania punished for cheating without seeing the images of Samuel, Mario kissing Carmen, Ana indignant with Cristian and confessing where he has his secret tattoo and Javier on the run after seeing the images of Claudia.

In previous chapters…

In the first galawe met the couples, the single and single. In the second we saw the first approaches and in third and the first kisses and the first bonfire. The fourth introduced a new couple expelled another who was already competing in the fifth galawhere the bonfire of confrontation between Laura Y Mariowith him abandoning her before they started.

In the sixth galathe confrontation bonfire concluded with the surreal and disturbing reconciliation Come in Laura and Mario, Tanya fell into temptation and kissed hugosomething that he did not see but he did hear Samuel, which collapsed just imagining it. The episode ended up leaving in the air the question that one of the girls had cheated.

In this seventh galait will be revealed that it is Tania who has broken the rules when going to the bathroom with hugo, out of camera range. The episode will reveal what exactly the infraction has been and what sanction will be applied to the contestant. We will also see the two bonfires, in which Ana will be overwhelmed and Javi will come out fleeing to the cry of: “Claudia!”.

Javi runs away from the bonfire

Of course, seeing Claudia pass an ice with her mouth to another bachelor, she couldn’t take it anymore. “I don’t recognize her, I’ve never seen my girlfriend like that in my life.” Faced with the situation, she has gotten up and has fled from the bonfire. In Villa Playa they have sent everyone to her rooms. And so the gala ends.

Javi is ready to see the images of Claudia and surprise! They are those of the bonfire, in which Claudia complained that she is in a corner doing nothing. He takes it well and seems convinced that he can “integrate more”. The one who hasn’t been amused is Mario, who doesn’t trust a hair (the thief believes…).

Mario is affected saying that “he failed Laura again” and now he is insecure. Although it is not that he assumes too much, since he is convinced that he will do it again. Cristian can’t complain much either that his girlfriend accuses him of being a hummingbird, because she is.

I veto a single

We turn to Laura, who has lost the confidence of the confrontation bonfire at a stroke when she sees the images of Mario. He tells Carmen that he “isn’t going to change” and that he “doesn’t know if he’s in love.” Obviously, her kiss didn’t do him any good either. Here comes the twist: they will be able to veto a single woman and the chosen one is Cristina (poor thing, if she hasn’t done anything).

Some so much and others so little: Paola becomes angry and dramatic again for seeing her boyfriend always with Cristina. Her uncle has already started singing to her again and she only thinks about ripping his head off. Tania’s sanction will be that she will not see the images of Samuel although her companions will see them. They are described as playing Pictionary.

The two Spains. Ana at her first bonfire. Seeing him fooling around with the other single women has pissed him off but well: “He’s a ghost and a horny guy.” She now regrets having made her sandwich and Colacao in Murcia. As revenge, she has revealed his secret: Cristian has a tattoo on his lower parts in which he says “everything happens for a reason”. “What did you think when you saw it?” Sandra says. “I didn’t see it. The light was off.”

At the bonfires, Claudia sees Javi being faithful to her and she can’t stand it. She says that she can’t be with a person like that, “it’s not normal”. She will be the only contestant to leave the shattered island because she won’t be cuckolded.

Paola is still eating her brains out for “the thing with Andreu and Cristina” (remember that she has only sung to him). Meanwhile, the aforementioned is face down on the sofa and refuses to move from there because she misses her.

a new kiss

Javi doesn’t want his girlfriend to feel bad about seeing images of the girls from the party with him and goes up to sleep. Mario and Carmen have also gone to a secluded place but to cuddle up and kiss. Valeria watches them furiously.

They changed Sara “for not enjoying the experience” for Ana, who is in a corner with a scowling face: “I don’t want to do anything because I know that Cristian remembers me and respects me.” Christian meanwhile: on the sofa hugging María de los Ángeles. Samuel is tired of seeing the rest of his classmates falter, especially “the other one who goes without furniture” (with “the other” he refers to Javi, with the thing without furniture I don’t know).

I don’t know why they like putting ice in their mouths and passing it over their body to someone else so much, any day they choke. The five lights of the girls have been turned on at the same time due to a choreography in which they gave each other a peak and in Villa Paraíso they have all gone crazy.

What has Tanya done?

Mario has lacked time to run after Carmen. What stands out most about her is that he “likes that she was attracted to him.” Egocentrism, where? Today it’s a “circus” party, they go as magicians and they… as magician’s assistants? I guess. María de los Ángeles has repeated her phrase that she wants the spark of the first gala to be lit, she must have thought about it a lot and she will want to amortize it.

We start with Tania looking at the footage of her infraction. Tania says that she didn’t do anything and Sandra gives her a dog face. She tells him that she is going to be punished and she starts to cry. When Hugo finds out about her, he gets down on his knees begging for her forgiveness (will this teach him to stop being a hot coal? I doubt it).

The seventh gala of The Island of Temptations was broadcast on November 3 and the next one will be on November 10 at 10:00 p.m.

The island of temptations 5: the seventh gala left us with Tania punished, secret tattoos and the veto of a single woman