The Last of Us Part I is updated with patch 1.02, here are the news

The Last of Us Part Ithe remake of the Naughty Dog title for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 is updated with the patch 1.02published in these hours.

The title is back in great shape PlayStation 5 (you find it on Amazon discounted in these hours) making the community of enthusiasts discuss a lot.

So much so that, according to the first sales data, The Last of Us Part I seems to have even sold half of the last Saints Rowwhich is anything but a masterpiece.

And to think that the remake is even more violent than the original, and more in general than you might think.

While the game still continues to sell, for better or worse, despite the fans, Naughty Dog is hard at work fixing the game’s problems with the inevitable updates.

There patch 1.02 of The Last of Us Part I was in fact published and, how disclosed by ND itselfcontains many hotfix interesting.

The most notable bugs that have been fixed are those related to Photo Mode and accessibility optionswhich sometimes caused unexpected problems.

In addition there are also a number of minor adjustments which you probably won’t notice, but which you can check out below (or in the official changelog):

  • Fixed various instances in the game where the geometry of the level would pop out at certain vantage points.
  • Fixed various issues related to photo mode.
  • Adjusted the “Fidelity” display setting to get to 30 FPS, even with an HFR TV. Removed the requirement for VRR to enable “Unlocked Framerate” in “Fidelity” mode.
  • Updated descriptions of “Performance” and “Fidelity” modes to more clearly describe their behavior.
  • Minor tweaks to the audio mix and lighting during a sequence in the final chapter of the main game.
  • Fixed an issue where the optional conversation around the hanging corpse in the Pittsburgh Financial Center would not trigger.
  • Fixed a global issue where the effects of water splashes were not displaying as expected.
  • Fixed various issues with localized text and Screen Reader in main menus.
  • Fixed an issue where credits were flipped when using the Mirror World modifier.
  • Fixed an issue where characters were missing facial animations when viewed from perspectives only possible in photo mode.
  • (New Game Plus) Fixed an issue where weapon upgrade parts would stop spawning before the player upgraded all weapons.
  • (Accessibility) Improved the operation of the navigation assistance in the combat of the Pittsburgh Hotel and the Lakeside Mine.
  • (Accessibility) Fixed an issue where the Invisibility Toggle with the “Limited” time did not run correctly.

In the meantime, there you are beware of the easter egg that hides the game, related to a very famous TV comedy series?

Another secretinstead, it was discovered regarding Joel’s health.

The Last of Us Part I is updated with patch 1.02, here are the news