The Manifesto of the Venetian Alpine Guides

The Manifesto of the Venetian Alpine Guides
by Veneto Regional College of Alpine Guides

Cortina d’Ampezzo, 6 October 2022
(Prot. 251/22)

To all subscribers
Object:Poster and event in memory of the victims of the accident of 3 July 2022 in Marmolada

Dear colleagues,
the events of 3 July 2022 in Marmolada deeply shaken us all, and the disappearance of two colleagues in those circumstances is certainly an event for which neither of us was prepared.

In the days immediately following, when the balance of the tragedy was becoming clear to everyone, it was born on the initiative of Lucia Montefiori a Manifest ethics of the guides, born of the need to give a frame of meaning to the catastrophe that has just happened and of the desire to honor the memory of missing colleagues in this way.

A list of 5 principles to inspire our work as guides and the activities of the college as an expression of the professional category.

The Manifesto was approved by the Board of Directors, and, while remaining a Manifesto of the guides and for the guides, it has been open to external subscriptions by any institution or individual that deems to identify itself in the values ​​expressed therein.

The CAI Veneto and the regional CNSAS immediately joined the initiative, and together we are organizing a public event, in which to present its contents and to remember all the victims of that tragic day together.

We will send you all the information to participate in the event as soon as available, in the meantime we ask you to save on your calendar the date of October 30, 2022, when we will meet for this event in Rocca Pietore, starting at 17.00.

The President, Marco Trasmini

1. We claim a universal right to free use of natural environments

Those who decide to frequent natural environments accept the risks and take responsibility for them: we recognize that no one can guarantee total safety in an uncontrollable environment characterized by objective risks, but we also know that subjective risks can be largely mitigated by knowledge. of the territory, from the acquisition of skills and from the knowledge that comes from experience.

2. We reject the political vision of a mountain reduced to a playground, to a regulated leisure infrastructure

It is important to raise awareness of the fact that no one can be in control of stochastic factors: not the mayors, not the mountain rescue, not the guides. Natural environments are dynamic and constantly evolving: those who are not willing to take responsibility, with awareness, of contact with nature, must be self-critical and renounce the frequentation of these environments.

3. We recognize climate change as a factor of increasing complexity of natural environments

We know that in these evolving environments, unprecedented and extreme episodes are increasingly frequent. As guides we are committed to continuing our training on the subject, and to educating and disseminating among our customers: spreading knowledge on the factors of adaptation and mitigation is an act of responsibility towards future generations.

4. We recognize the environmental impacts of tourism, and we are committed to promoting an ethical and responsible use of natural environments

Tourism must stop when it becomes a stress factor for local populations (human and non-human), and when it poses a threat to the quality of life of residents and the ability to perpetuate ecosystem services. As tour operators, we feel the need to leave our mark on the market, encouraging ways of use that do not consume the territory, and that are respectful of the environment.

5. We think that participation is essential to better govern the evolving complexity of mountain areas

The creation of networks between institutions, businesses, citizens, the third sector and professionals is a crucial aspect in the prevention of conflicts on the territory and in sharing a vision for the future. The guides guard the impervious territories on a daily basis, and engage in the role of privileged sentinels, actors of a widespread surveillance on the signs of change, with a view to collaboration with the other subjects present in the territory.

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